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    Hi Everyone

    This is my first android phone so it's all very new to me, after several evenings of head scratching i'm starting to feel comfortable! I've decided to install KG2 and wanted to back up contacts.

    Being new i've used Keis for everything up till now, my contacts were sync'd to the phone from Outlook, everything good. I have a google mail account and today selected this to sync contacts, pressed sync now, phone briefly showed the sync symbol but google mail shows no contacts. I then pressed merge with google! phone sync'd for a while and now all my contacts are showing in googlemail, this is where I come unstuck again! Phone contacts now have a 'g' next to them, if I choose to display just phone contacts the contacts list goes blank, however I can still search contacts and they appear, if i choose to display google contacts they all come back again, could someone please help me out as to what i've actually done by merging with google and why they didn't sync before.

    some more questions!

    1. Are the contact still stored on the phone?
    2. Will they still sync with outlook?
    3. When I update a contact or add will it add to phone or google?

    Finding this android very exciting but also very confusing

    Please help.........



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