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  1. nashti13

    nashti13 Well-Known Member

    Hey everyone. Just here to show you guys another and possibly better(?) option to VM announced by T-Mobile.

    Their new pre-paid plan is looking really sweet at Unlimited messaging and internet (first 5Gigs are 4g, then bumped down to 2g) and 100 Minutes for 30$ a month

    You can get phones such as Samsung Galaxy S for about 350$ and Side Kick 4g for about the same.

    here is link: Monthly4G Prepaid Plans | Prepaid Data Plans | T-Mobile

    Tell me what you think

  2. AtticTRON

    AtticTRON Well-Known Member

    I'm glad that there's more competition in the prepaid phone market. The more the better! But I'll stick with Virgin since the phones on T-mobile are still expensive.
  3. shimdachef

    shimdachef Active Member

    You can get some decent phones on ebay
  4. johnb41

    johnb41 Well-Known Member

    100 minutes is pretty low. But if they offer a good selection of high end phones, it may be worth it.
  5. nashti13

    nashti13 Well-Known Member

    What I'm thinking is if I could get the Galaxy 2 unlocked online then get this plan it would for sure be worth it
  6. RRSpikes

    RRSpikes Well-Known Member

    I'll second that.
  7. radiotecha1234

    radiotecha1234 Well-Known Member

    The plan seems peachy until the Death Star (AT&T) takes over and puts an end to it. Since it's prepaid and all (no contract) it could end at any time.
  8. magohn

    magohn Well-Known Member

    Thats a pretty sweet deal for $30. I rarely go over 100 mins a month but use tons of data. The Verizon network also has to be better than VM's. I get zero reception in my office and had the same issue when on Spring (same network).
  9. nashti13

    nashti13 Well-Known Member

    Its t mobile network
  10. unwiredmedic

    unwiredmedic Member

    Interior building reception on T-Mobile is usually worse than AT&T and Sprint/Boost/VM. So if you haven't gotten onto a T-Mobile plan, you may want to borrow a friend and test it in the places you'll likely be first. If you travel outside the main city a lot, then T-Mobile is a really bad choice. That said, since most of us would be using data far more than phone, then it is a great price to get 4G.
  11. chuck-sc

    chuck-sc Member

    T-mobile gets good reception inside my office, ibarely get phone and only if the phone lays flat in my desk away from me i may get 1x, so it sounds like a good option for me.
  12. tickerguy

    tickerguy Well-Known Member

    That's not bad. I have an unlocked GalaxyS (Vibrant) for $200 with accessories (extra battery and external charger, etc) - and it's FULLY unlocked, so it will access AT&T's 3g bands too if you want if anyone's interested ;-)

    Has Froyo on it right now but obviously that's easily changed if you want.
  13. ziggy46

    ziggy46 Well-Known Member Developer

    cosmetic condition? pm me with pics please :D
  14. When I save enough money I'll buy a Samsung galaxy S II and get a plan with them because VM speeds suck. Plus in my area they have HSPA+ 42 mbps which is as fast as Verizon's LTE if not faster
  15. nashti13

    nashti13 Well-Known Member

    That's what my plan was too except... Like someone mentioned when At&t buys them the could cut this and then you just spent 600$ on a phone.

    If there was some guarantee this plan would stay for a while (like a year or two) then I would for sure jump over to it
  16. RRSpikes

    RRSpikes Well-Known Member

    I found the exact opposite with Tmo's interior building signals. I can use my SGS2 inside where I work without issue and I maintain 4g coverage in all but the restroom where it'll drop to 3g.

    With Sprint/BM/VM I used to either have to go outside or simply not use my MT.

    I was very skeptical about switching from Sprint/BM/VM, but after seeing the major improvement in coverage for my local with Tmo, there's no way I'll go back.
  17. same here

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