could you please recommend a good box

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  1. driffty66

    driffty66 Active Member

    Im looking at google tv boxes.but it seems like a mine/mind field. one promises this and another tells you it cand do this and that.
    if you have a good set up could you please advise what you bought.thanks

  2. driffty66

    driffty66 Active Member

    as any one got anything to say.there is very little info on these things.a few poor videos on you tube but no reviews on the net.
  3. DickPurple

    DickPurple New Member

    I really think there are no good machines out there, thats the reason we are all posting in the forums instead enjoying the android tv boxes.

    I think im gonna wait for the dual core models because single ones have no power enough to move 1080p videos and DTS sound.

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