Couple of App Ideas

  1. orangesoda22

    orangesoda22 New Member

    hey guys. (and girls?)

    i am brand new to app inventing on android. i have some ideas for apps (more like games) but i feel they are way beyond the scope of what i could do.

    the first idea is for a sort of augmented reality zombie survival game.

    Upon startup, you would automatically be assigned as either human or zombie.I'm thinking 75% of the time youd end up at human. Or maybe you could choose.

    Whenever you got within a certain range of someone else who had the same app (using the phone's GPS capabilites to know.) the phone would alert you that there was a zombie (or human) nearby. Once you are notified that one is in the area there would be some sort of battle system or something. Or perhaps whoever responds to the alert on their phone first wins.

    Depending on what you and the other person are, the result of the battle is different.

    Zombie vs Human-If Zombie Wins Human is "Bitten" They then have to try to get to a randomly generated point on the map (within 1/2 mile preferably) that is a "first aid station" and they don't turn into a zombie. if they don't make it then they are now a Zombie.
    If the Human wins, the Zombie "deteriorates" and has to feed on another human (or animal, whos location is also randomly generated) or they die. (again.)

    Zombie vs Zombie-Whichever one wins gets extra health (or EXP if you wanted to implement a whole EXP/leveling system) Loser loses health.

    Human vs Human-Whichever one wins gets loot (or EXP?)

    the idea is to stay human as long as possible. I think it would be really cool. The app that is closest to it right now that i can think of is SpecTrek.

    The other idea i have is for a much improved version of Sniper Shot. the camera is very slow on that app. so virtual shootouts aren't quite what they should be. or maybe the phone could use Augmented Realty like Layar where the phone itself is a target and you have to hit it in crosshairs to get a kill. It would be like paintball or laser tag. of course it would have to be multiplayer. at least 2 if not 4 or 6.

    There was an app called WifiArmy being developed that was very similar to this but all traces have disappeared.

    well i really said a mouthful (typed a keyboardful?)


  2. Viper023

    Viper023 Member

    hey man,

    i currently just got into thinking about writing either an app or game for Android. Saw you post and i must say your idea about the zombie game is unique and i like it. maybe we can team up and start writing something.

    PM me for my email
  3. Faktor4

    Faktor4 Member

    Imagine a world where everyone had this app.

    LOL, There would be a bunch of crazy people running to random locations screaming "First AID"
  4. cizzlingeast

    cizzlingeast New Member

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