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  1. Clayton1

    Clayton1 Well-Known Member

    Hey all,
    I have a couple issues for the last few weeks. Havent had the time to fix or find out how yet...

    1. The last little while in my text messages, when I send a text it will show up in the window BEFORE the message that was sent to me that im replying to. So its not going in order of sent/received.
    2. I can no longer get playstore to work while im on wifi. It simply is a white screen with "no connection" and a "retry" button below. However, on my network it works just fine. I did a quick search of this last week and tried a few of the tips to no avail. (I cant recall which I tried though, been busy lately)

    Thanks for any and all help!

  2. Clayton1

    Clayton1 Well-Known Member

    I fixed issue #1. I set date/time to automatic and seems to have fixed my problem.
    Havent got to #2 yet..

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