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  1. geotron5

    geotron5 New Member

    1) Every time I use gallery it crashes and displays the message: "Unfortunately, Gallery has stopped.".


    2)When I try to edit the home screens a voice says: "Open home screen edit" and then when i enter back into one of the home screens it says: "Work space "x" of "y"".

    Anyone else experiencing this? Or anyone know a fix?


  2. matttye

    matttye Well-Known Member

    1) Try rebooting the phone. If that fails, a factory reset should solve it.

    2) Go to menu > settings > accessibility > make sure "TalkBack" under the "Services" header is turned off.
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  3. geotron5

    geotron5 New Member

    1) Seemed to just solve itself.. I tried rebooting a few times last night but it did nothing. It just randomly started working today..
    2) I've checked the accessibility settings and talkback is off.. Tried rebooting again which hasn't helped.


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