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  1. lennydude

    lennydude Well-Known Member

    First off..................have always used multi picture live wallpaper to have a different picture for each screen. It does not seem to work in Kit Kat :confused:

    Anyone know of a wallpaper app that will work?

    On another screen seems "foggy" and not really sharp. When comparing my S3 and N5 side by side with the same exact picture, the S3 wins every time. Anyone else with this problem?

  2. whatsitsname

    whatsitsname Well-Known Member

    Multi picture is an LG thing. I use apk backup to turn it into an app, then brought it over to my nexus 5.
  3. mttfrog13

    mttfrog13 Well-Known Member

    Do you mean "foggy" as in kind of white or washed out? This is accentuated when you view the phone from a diagonal viewing angle. The nexus doesn't have very good diagonal viewing angles. If you view it straight on, or from a wide vertical or horizontal viewing angle, it should be very clear, but from a diagonal viewing angle, the blacks will wash out. Samsung uses oled screen which are very good at viewing angles and usually have more saturated (some would say less accurate) colors, where as the lcd screen in the nexus will be brighter with truer colors.

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