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    IMPALADAKID New Member

    this is my first post, and I did a search, but still no answers.
    First and for most is the screen lock when calling in or out. I drag the answer call bar, but after the call is connected, I have to re unlock the screen by hitting the power button. Same thing with out going calls. I understand why it is there, but I want it gone, as I just want to make or answer a call. Is there a way to shut that lock off?
    Coming from a non android Instinct, I find the Instinct was a much better user friendly phone. Also, I get texts, or calls, but the screen does not light up. How can I change this.
    Having gotten the phone refurbed, I did not get a user manual from samsung. Is there a downloadable version of the manual on line?
    Other than that, this phone rocks.

  2. Rukbat

    Rukbat Well-Known Member

    Not in the native phone app. There may be a phone app that doesn't lock the screen. You'd have to search (try Google Play) and try them out.

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