Coverage in North Carolina?

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  1. ilcavallo

    ilcavallo Well-Known Member

    specifically around Asheville? I know this isn't a huge market, but I was just curious.

    In addition - can I buy a phone online and try it and be able to return it either online or via a local store if the service is bad?

  2. mogelijk

    mogelijk Well-Known Member

    According to this list, T-Mobile has HSPA+ 42 service in Asheville. So the service should be good but hopefully someone who has used T-Mobile in Asheville will respond.

    According to this FAQ, you have 20 days to return a discounted phone purchased from the T-Mobile website and 30 days if you pay full price. You would likely want to ask your local store if they can/will accept a return that was purchased online.
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  3. ilcavallo

    ilcavallo Well-Known Member

    mog - thanks a lot man. those links are very helpful!
  4. Carolina Media

    Carolina Media Well-Known Member

    It's pretty good in Asheville. Had a girlfriend up there earlier this year and I used to get around 12-15mbps down on my One S in the city.
  5. ilcavallo

    ilcavallo Well-Known Member

    carolina, thanks man. i think i'm gonna try it out - maybe buy a cheap phone from walmart, activate, then try to 2 weeks and return. if service is good where i'm at, i will buy a better phone.

    anyone have/had the LG optimus L9?

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