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    Jan 15, 2011
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    Looking at the straight talk coverage map they show one coverage map for android and one for straight talk non android.

    From comparing maps it appears that the one marked android is using sprints coverage and the non android is using verizon coverage. The thing is the box the android phone comes in indicates verizons network. Also the store said it used verizons network.

    If anyone has any clarification on this I would like to know.

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    Aug 19, 2011
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    The Samsung Galaxy Proclaim and the LG Optimus Zip use Verizon's "Prepaid" network. Go to Verizon's website and check the map for "Prepaid". It is a bit smaller than the full Verizon network. Note: These phones do NOT work in the Prepaid Roaming area either... just "prepaid coverage". The packaging on these phones are marked with a box saying "CDMA-V" on it.

    The other Android phones use Sprint's "Prepaid" network - again, a bit smaller than Sprint's full network. Here is that map. These should have a "CDMA-S" mark on the box.
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