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  1. waxlrose

    waxlrose Well-Known Member

    Does the Incredible by default use CPU scaling? I using system panel and the clock speed seemed to be going between 700 to 800 mhz.

    If that's the true, what is the purpose using SetCPU?

    Also under CPU info it says Min CPU is 245 and max is 998. Is that just stating what the hardware is capable of or what the software is using for scaling?

  2. TheCowGod

    TheCowGod Well-Known Member

    Yeah it uses scaling, but the default governor (on demand?) is not setup to keep the cpu st lower speeds. Just change the governor to conservative and you will notice a difference. Also system panel had a bug in 2.2 that displays the wrong cpu frequency...
  3. TheCowGod

    TheCowGod Well-Known Member

    Just noticed your second question... The min and max are the upper and lower limits that the cpu will scale to.

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