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  1. linker95

    linker95 New Member

    Hello Android...people.

    So I recently got this new phone with another carrier, Movistar, as am from latinamerica. The deal is that the phone is great and everything, but it has this HORRIBLE ANIMATION AND SOUND when it boots up, not the LG logo or the android logo (am fine with those). Dont get me wrong, I work at tech support, but my knowledge regarding phones is limited. I managed to root the phone, and take away a number of nasty other preloaded things from the carrier, but I havent been able to shoot the logo. I have searched a thousand times things like oplogo, .olc...etc... and nothing comes up..
    A 3 year old explanation would be appreciated as I have never edited this far a phone.


  2. D-U-R-X

    D-U-R-X turbo drinker Moderator

    linker95 - I have recently see something in the Desire HD section that may be of some use to you...

    Let me know if this is helpful... I can always have a bit more of a look for you. As the user I have quoted says, if you install a new ROM, it should get rid of the carrier splash screen.
  3. linker95

    linker95 New Member

    Thanks for your reply! I think that would solve my problem, the thing is I am not very use to messing around with the ROMS on the phone or editing the system....are there any guides or videos on how to do it? Thanks for your help!

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