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  1. hartej

    hartej New Member

    I have been waiting for my atrix for MONTHS. I bought it first thing 9 am at Radio Shack on February 22. February 23 I dropped it ONCE in my bathroom flat face and so much for gorilla glass because I have one crack on the bottom right of my screen now. Luckily the phone is functioning 100% still but the crack is just pissing me off because i JUST got it.

    Also, within 10 minutes of taking my phone off of the charger I am at 90% battery. My bluetooth wifi is off. I only have downloaded a few apps. Why the hell is my battery life such shit?

    Please help me out people. Where can I get my phone fixed or get the parts to do it myself (if its easy).

  2. CyberPunk7t9

    CyberPunk7t9 Active Member

    Don't blame the gorilla glass. My brother in law dropped his iPhone (in the bathroom too) screen facing floor and the glass got totally shattered.

    He ended with something like this so I guess you're lucky with just a crack

    I hope you find solution to the battery problem though.
  3. barry99705

    barry99705 Well-Known Member

    Glass is glass, it's going to break when you drop it on a hard surface. The battery meter runs in 10% increments I believe.
  4. UnCommonGrafx

    UnCommonGrafx Member

    Mine looks like that.
    I have the new one here but not gonna open it until the defender case arrives.

    Damned thing falls like a dart to the ground, face first!

    Let the phone kill the battery then start it on a full recharge. Should improve from there.

    As an aside, once the techs get parts for this phone, replacing the glass should be easy enough. Read that as cheap enough. ;)
  5. nauticalmiles

    nauticalmiles New Member

    I have had this phone since the release date. I have really enjoyed the phone and its performance.

    On the other hand, the damn screen cracked today from one side to the other. I did not dropped it at all. It was in my pocket or on my desk all day.

    Does this phone have a weak screen, or could this just be a fluke?
    it is driving me nuts looking at it.
  6. omnipitous

    omnipitous New Member

    I have also had my Atrix since its release. I recently made the mistake of letting a friend of mine take a picture with it and down it went. 3 foot drop to the ground. The entire face shattered:

    I've sent email to Corning (Gorilla Glass) and talked to Motorola and of course neither of them is of any help. Repairs I've found are between $105-$160 and all require being without my phone for 1-2 weeks. When will this be considered a defect as it truly doesn't live up to advertised durability?!
  7. jiggabyte

    jiggabyte Member

    I would imagine gorilla glass is like any other product and has a percentage of duds leave the factory. I've dropped my atrix ~4 times on cement and there's been no breakage yet. I can't believe either company isn't taking care of you guys. It may not be indestructable, but they advertise their glass as pretty damn hard to break. The only thing I can answer for sure is your battery life. The atrix displays battery level in increments of 10. Pretty normal to display 90% soon after an unplug. I find with average use, 11-12 hours is about right on battery life. If you want more information, download the battery life widget off the market. Once it gets a feel for your battery it can display accurate percentages and approximate time left till depleted. Also, you're good leaving bluetooth on if you use it often. It doesn't eat that much battery in the grand scheme of things, display use/brightness is what often kills you.
  8. ALee1000

    ALee1000 New Member

    I stumbled across this forum while trying to search for replacement parts for my Atrix. I have owned this phone for 3 weeks, obtained it as an upgrade to my last phone. (HTC Inspire). I also had the unfortunate situation of a very minor drop, which completely shattered the screen of the Atrix. I was actually dumbfounded, as the height of the fall was under 2 feet.... landing on the back side and shattering the screen entirely. I admittedly am a clutz, I have dropped my old Inspire numerous times and it always remained unscathed. As much as the performance of the Atrix was nice, the durability is unacceptable. To be honest, I still cannot believe that the glass even broke from such a minor fall. I really hope that Motorola will do something to correct this issue.... wont purchase another for quite a while. :(

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