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  1. lkreykes

    lkreykes Active Member

    Hello everyone, I recently dropped my stratosphere and the LCD display (the screen, NOT the glass) shattered and only shows colorful stripes across the screen. Does anyone know where I could purchase a new display and how much it might be? Thanks.

  2. copestag

    copestag Well-Known Member

    you can call samsung and have them replace it for you...... I just had my daughters repaired through them for $134 I think it was...... or you can hit ebay and buy the screen for less and do it yourself..... I figured it was worth the few extra dollars to have them do the work... plus it remains under warranty if they do it....... if you do it yourself you void the warranty

    only downside is they do a factory reset when they repair it
  3. lkreykes

    lkreykes Active Member

    Resetting it would probably be fine because I'm going to sell it anyways. I just wanted to make more from it. But I don't feel comfortable buying the sketchy ones off eBay with bad grammar in the description, and I don't want to pay that much for Samsung to fix it. I'm sure I could do it myself I just don't know of any trusted sources where I could get a new display. Thanks for the reply

    Also I don't really mind if the warranty is voided if I do it myself. I bought it from a third party so I'm not under contract or anything with it, plus I'm using a backup phone anyways.

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