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  1. Vtrigg1997

    Vtrigg1997 New Member

    I dropped my phone not to long ago, and just today it cracked more! I want to replace the screen but i have no idea who to call or what website to go to. I have the huawei accend y! if you have any idea of what i can do, please help me!:)
    Google did not help, so dont suggest that please

  2. tissy83

    tissy83 New Member

    I too have the same problem with my phone, as I dropped mine at work on the floor and it cracked. I have searched all over and found nothing. I am hoping that there is a fix to this and that its not expensive.
  3. res6jya6

    res6jya6 Member

    It would probably be easiest just to drop another $100 on a new Ascend. I doubt there are many suppliers out there w/ screens for these phones - as the cost of simply replacing the phone is about the same as replacing the screen.

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