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  1. language4u

    language4u New Member

    I dropped my Nexus from about 6' up - complete face plant, smashed screen. I have about 300 pix I *really need* to get off it. Unfortunately, I have a pin lock on. So, it boots - at least, I think it's booting - and will show up as a drive in Windows Explorer. But, of course, since there's a pin lock, I can't actually get into any directories.

    Is there any way to go through a pin lock using a pc link? Or should I try replacing the screen assembly? Is it possible to replace the screen assembly without wiping data?

    Very grateful for any assistance...!

  2. jj14x

    jj14x Guides Guide

    By any chance, do you have USB Debugging enabled on your phone? If so, you may be able to retrieve the data by connecting it to your computer even with the pin lock.

    (Or if you have installed dropbox or google+, and have enabled the instant upload feature on these apps, your pictures should be available on the dropbox or google+ site. Since you are asking about how to retrieve the photos, I'm guessing you didn't install/enable that feature - just something for the next time)
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  3. language4u

    language4u New Member

    Thanks for the reply. As far as I am aware, I don't have USB debugging enabled.

    And odd that you mention Dropbox, because my photos *are* supposed to sync to Dropbox, but they are not doing so. I had assumed that this was because the pin lock was on. Is that not the case?
  4. jj14x

    jj14x Guides Guide

    The photos should sync as soon as you take them (assuming you have data connection enabled). I believe it should happen in the background (when your screen is locked) too - again, assuming you don't have a battery saver app installed that turns off data when your screen is locked/off.

    Sorry - other than these options, I don't know of a way to pull any data off your phone (that is built in security - else, any stranger with access to your phone can get your data even if your phone is locked).
  5. Harry2

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  6. language4u

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  7. jhawkkw

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    Is your bootloader unlocked by any chance?

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