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Cracked Screen - Lenovo support STINKS!Support

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  1. rsg71

    rsg71 Member

    A1 fell out of my hand, about a 3 foot drop onto concrete. Unit is less than one month old. I called Lenovo to ask about sending it in for repair. After getting all my information rep says it will be $80 non-refundable for them to check it out, and that will go towards the repair, but could not provide any estimate of cost. I refused to give them $80 without any maximum repair charge!

    I took the unit apart tonight. The front bezel is all one piece in that the capacitive touch is integrated, but the actual display is separate and is untouched. I just can't find anywhere to replace this front touch screen :mad:

    Even Lenovo doesn't carry it!

  2. bababoy92

    bababoy92 New Member

    Same here my lenovo a1 fell the touch screen interface broke but the inner screen is fine, i have looked everywhere for a replacement touch screen but so far i have found nothing.
  3. bearballz

    bearballz Well-Known Member

    If you're constantly having issues with your TPT or Ideapad, and tech support is giving you the runaround. I would asked to be transferred to a Customer Advocate in the Customer Complaint Resolutions department (Customer Satisfaction Programs).
  4. jessejamesroja

    jessejamesroja New Member

    I found the screen on ebay, I ordered it today so im not sure about delivery time.
    Search: Lenovo le pad a1-07 touch screen digitizer glass panel repair replacement. The seller is: goodsupply0889
  5. AllShallPerish

    AllShallPerish New Member

    Yea, they won't replace a cracked screen from experience in a procurement position with a previous company. However I've noticed mine has been rebooting a lot recently. Is this just a resources issue or should I have it looked at? Its less than two weeks old; could easily just return to Best Buy.

  6. luchura

    luchura New Member

    I ordered one from ebay, like 40 bucks, it was for the le pad, it comes with a different rom version, tried to update the rom, but it failed all the time. Not sure if it is compatible. It looks the same and same size and same pin connectors, but will not work out of the box. Where can I find a replacement. anyone?

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