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Cracked Screen on MomentSupport

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  1. simpat1zq

    simpat1zq Active Member

    Hi, my wife just dropped her Moment, and it has 3 cracks across the screen. Other than that, it works perfectly. There's no damage to the LCD. So I think it's just the 'touch' part of it that is broken. I just want to confirm, would this be the part that I need to order:

    US Sprint Samsung Moment M900 Touch Screen digitizer - eBay (item 220516238013 end time Feb-22-10 17:07:20 PST)

    Also, are there any guides on how to take the moment apart. It doesn't seem that complicated, but looking at some instructions beforehand would make it easier.

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  2. SirCheese

    SirCheese Well-Known Member

    I am sure the LCD is damaged if it's cracked.
  3. simpat1zq

    simpat1zq Active Member

    Well doesn't the phone have an LCD, and on top of that, there is a touch screen. I don't understand why it wouldn't be possible for the touch screen to crack without the LCD. Anyways, everything on the phone is readable. Most of the time, when an LCD cracks, it looks like the liquid has leaked out. And that's not the case here.

    Is this phone and the InstinctQ almost the same thing? I found instructions for dismantling that. Would they apply to this phone?
  4. chibucks

    chibucks Well-Known Member

    Yup, the moment = InstinctQ if I remember correctly. Wanna share your link? I'd like to see if there are any instructions in tightening the slider... :)

  5. Thefoodman52

    Thefoodman52 Well-Known Member

    This phone is an AMOLED screen... not LCD....
  6. simpat1zq

    simpat1zq Active Member

    Yes, it is an AMOLED screen, but they have similar symptoms when cracked. So I'm still pretty certain that it's not the display screen that is cracked. Here's the only pic I could find of a cracked AMOLED:
    Nexus One mystery: How did our screen crack? | Crave - CNET

    And it looks like the instructions I found were just the Instinct, not the InstinctQ. But there they are:
    Rapid Repair - Samsung Instinct Take-Apart-Guide by RapidRepair

    But I'm going to take mine apart, and I'll try to put pictures up here.
  7. Covert_Death

    Covert_Death Well-Known Member

    just fyi im pretty sure doing that voids your warranty :( i'd take it to a repair center to see how much another glass screen costs, they do the same thing when dusts gets under the cover and your past your 30 days
  8. simpat1zq

    simpat1zq Active Member

    So a Sprint repair center will do this? And I'm pretty sure that the phone being dropped has already voided the warranty. But I'll definitely check with them.
  9. SITH

    SITH Well-Known Member

    Not if you have insurance.
  10. simpat1zq

    simpat1zq Active Member

    Yeah. I don't have have insurance on the phones. In the long run, it's generally not worth it.
  11. Covert_Death

    Covert_Death Well-Known Member

    ahh that might snag ya... they will still do the repair but you will have to pay slightly more for not having insurance, not quiet sure how much a new screen + install runs though :/
  12. SITH

    SITH Well-Known Member

    I have to disagree with you there...lol, I have destroyed several phones that would have cost me at least 400 to 700 dollars to replace if I hadn't had insurance....LMAO The math works like this...

    7 years X 12 months X 5 years is 420 dollars. The 5 phones were replaces at 50 for two, before the deductable was raised and 100 for 3. That is a total of 400. So over 5 years I have spent 820 dollars total. The 5 phones would have been about 2100 dollars total to replace out of pocket.
  13. Covert_Death

    Covert_Death Well-Known Member

    i wouldn't think it'd have any liquid, since LED is light emitting diode, not liquid crystal display.. but i havn't a damn clue what the AMO is short for lol so it could be "a mustardy overlay light emitting diode" for all i know which would mean it has mustard in there :D
  14. AM = Active-matrix O = Organic L = Light E = emitting D = Diode AMOLED

    No there is no liquid intermediate so you can crack these suckers and as long as the control leads arent severed the piece will work without a problem.. might just have broken some diodes along the crack... LCD still works when cracked BTW, but without the liquid crystal there is no contrast thus it is incredibly dull and hard to see...
  15. simpat1zq

    simpat1zq Active Member

    Well if I broke 5 phones in the past 7 years, then I guess it would be worth it. But I've only had one broken phone in the past 7 years, and that's with a 3 phone family plan. So for me anyways, insurance would have put me in the hole more than a grand.

    And I am positive that the AMOLED isn't cracked at all. I can, without a doubt feel the crack on the touch screen . And when I hold the phone at an angle, I can see that the crack is definitely above the display. And I called Sprint, and they don't do these repairs on these phones, so I'm pretty much stuck doing this on my own. So I'm going to go ahead and order that part.
  16. Othan1

    Othan1 Well-Known Member

    Be very cool if you could photo journal it for others who end up in the same situation. Best of luck to you!
  17. simpat1zq

    simpat1zq Active Member

    Yeah. That's what I plan on doing.

    Somebody was selling a moment with just a motherboard missing. And it was $46, so I just figured I'll get that so that was I can have a spare LCD, and a phone that I can 'practice' taking apart for like $16 more. I should receive it some time next week, and I'll post the update here.
  18. IOWA

    IOWA Mr. Logic Pants Moderator

    NICE FIND! I'm looking forward to your results! Perhaps a video will serve better?
  19. simpat1zq

    simpat1zq Active Member

    I'll see if I could do a video. But don't count on it. Pictures are just easier.
  20. ramiss

    ramiss Well-Known Member

    Makes you wonder though doesn't it? I mean..what did they do with the Motherboard to be selling a phone without one? It reminds me of an ad I once saw for a plane that was being sold without the wings!

    And...if they were replacing another motherboard then how in the world did they break that motherboard without breaking the screen?

    I also wonder what in the world the Sprint Repair Center's actually repair? Everything I've taken in there they say they "don't do that". From what I've noticed at every Repair Center is that there are two guys in the back who can hardly figure out which batteries go where or how to work the data transfer machine.
  21. ncisagentescoto

    ncisagentescoto New Member

    I dropped my Samsung Instinct S30, and it cracked in 3 places. I took it to a Sprint Service and Repair Center, and they fixed it for me. I couldn't have my phone for about 3 weeks, though. :mad:
  22. ncisagentescoto

    ncisagentescoto New Member

    I've seen this phone's reviews on Cell Phones, Mobile Phones, and Wireless Calling Plans from Sprint, and everyone says that the battery life is horrible and that it doesn't last them half a day. I was just wondering how your guy's Moment's battery does. I was thinking about getting one. I currently have the Samsung Instinct S30, and I absolutely hate it. It's time for a phone I actually like. What do you guys think about the phone?
  23. ncisagentescoto

    ncisagentescoto New Member

    haha! The Service and Repair Center's faculty is not all that sharp. :)
  24. Thefoodman52

    Thefoodman52 Well-Known Member

    Why is everyone constantly referring to the screen as LCD? It's not even close to this. AMOLED: Active Matrix Organic Light Emitting Diode. NOT LCD: Liquid Crystal Display. LCD screens crack, they're more or less done for. Cracks on this screen (from what I know about it) don't affect it in that way. It's still usable enough to get you by until it gets fixed; the screen doesn't get any darker or harder to read, though there is a split in it. There may be a dead spot of pixels, but *should* still respond to touch input.

    Remember, this screen IS different. *Not LCD, it's AMOLED*

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