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Support Cracked screen

  1. johne86

    johne86 New Member

    As far as I can tell everything and I mean everything even the touch panel digitizer works perfectly fine, the only issue here is the screen (glass) is totally shattered. I've looked my up options online because the warranty is no help but I can't seem to find any real help, I can't find replacement screen anywhere, all i find is replacement LCD without the touch panel digitizer.

    I can imagine taking it to an electronics repair store won't be any different than getting charged the amount of buy a new or refurbished one. I just don't know what to do so any help would be greatly appreciated at this point.

  2. V SuperUser V

    V SuperUser V Well-Known Member

    i would sell you one. I have a brand new one 8gb (not refurbished ) for sale on Ebay for $159.99, free shipping. PM for details.

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