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  1. Johnny Crapple

    Johnny Crapple Well-Known Member

    I just cracked my screen bad, I was getting out of my 4runner and forgot it was in my lap and it fell face first. I picked it up and almost had a heart attack then dropped it again face first and cracked it more. I have a case on it (incipio frequency) that didn't help protect it. Is it true that insurance won't cover cracked screens? My phone looks like crap now lol.
    Edit: just noticed that I'm in the root side I didn't notice cause I'm using my new spiderwebbed phone.

  2. Ubercharrge

    Ubercharrge Well-Known Member

    insurance as in metro guard or? if its metroguard yeah it will replace yer phone
  3. Tokenpoke

    Tokenpoke Well-Known Member

    Cracked screens are covered by optional protection only as far as I know.
  4. Johnny Crapple

    Johnny Crapple Well-Known Member

    I got the regular insurance $5 a month man this blows.
  5. Ubercharrge

    Ubercharrge Well-Known Member

    I think it MIGHT (key word : Might) cost you $11 to replace the phone. idk
  6. sammyz

    sammyz LG Whiz Kid Guide

    Just moved this for ya :)
  7. johnnyolivares

    johnnyolivares Well-Known Member

    No. That's if the phone's warranty covers it, which it doesn't.

    IF your insurance does cover it will probably be like a $50- 85 deductible
    Maybe less since its on sale right now

    To answer OP's question
    From what I know yes it does cover cracked screens.
  8. ninjasinabag

    ninjasinabag Well-Known Member

    Every phone except for the keyboard phones are covered. From what i know, the deductable is usually 10-15% of whatever the phones original cost was.

    When i bought the motion, the cashier took one look at my battered lg connect and said they could replace it. My connect had been dropped so many time that it looked like a firing range target.
  9. TheAmazingDave

    TheAmazingDave Well-Known Member

    Same for my Optimus M. In fact, the durability of that phone was one of my key deciding factors to try the Motion.

    Optimus didn't have Gorilla Glass though; unfortunately Gorilla Glass can be prone to shatter. It is a variety of glass, after all. :(
  10. Johnny Crapple

    Johnny Crapple Well-Known Member

    Okay I'm covered in gotta pay $39 for another one.
  11. Johnny Crapple

    Johnny Crapple Well-Known Member

    Here is a pic of the screen

  12. OcalaFlGuy

    OcalaFlGuy Well-Known Member

    A had a little MOMENT yesterday, dropped mine about 4' onto a concrete step with just a thin door mat (very thin) on it. (It's in the 2 piece hybrid case)

    I had just one eye open when I picked it up...:confused:

    But it was just fine.


    Bruce in Ocala, FL
  13. Tokenpoke

    Tokenpoke Well-Known Member

    Dude, one of my phones, I think it was my connect, fell 30'+ ft from a tree. no case or screen film to protect it... battery popped out, no damage beyond a couple scratches and a dinged bezel.
  14. MrHerbDaily

    MrHerbDaily Well-Known Member

    What were you doing 30 feet up in a tree? :)
  15. OcalaFlGuy

    OcalaFlGuy Well-Known Member

    I have My phone trained better than to just go climbing trees all willynilly.


    Bruce in Ocala, FL
  16. Tokenpoke

    Tokenpoke Well-Known Member

    Lol. Im an arborist. It fell out of my pocket.
  17. Johnny Crapple

    Johnny Crapple Well-Known Member

    They didn't have any motions so I either pick the zte avid or be on back order for who knows how long. So i am getting the zte avid mailed to me tomorrow or Thursday, seems like a pretty nice phone.
  18. Ubercharrge

    Ubercharrge Well-Known Member

    for $39 or the whole $99?
  19. Johnny Crapple

    Johnny Crapple Well-Known Member

    $39 lol I just figured I'd try it out I was gonna get the s3 soon anyway (tax money).
  20. Johnny Crapple

    Johnny Crapple Well-Known Member

    They deactivated my motion and put the zte avid on there. I didn't know that they did that I can't get the phone until after work and hope nobody needs me before then. My boss was calling and texting me and I didn't get them so I called metro and I found out. I think it's pretty crappy but I still have 4g.
  21. MotoTriumphant

    MotoTriumphant Well-Known Member

    How's the avid!? I kinda had my eye on it. Ppl are saying that the screen is washed out?
  22. Johnny Crapple

    Johnny Crapple Well-Known Member

    The avid is great. The screen looks good to me and from using the motion for a long time then this you can definitely tell the resolution difference. Everything is more crisp especially the fonts and games. The speaker is louder then the motion when listening to music and YouTube. I had to get used to the scrolling in certain apps, I kept clicking stuff cause it's a little different then the motion. I really have nothing bad to say about it. More stock ics is a plus too, I've only had it since yesterday but it's doing great.
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  23. MotoTriumphant

    MotoTriumphant Well-Known Member

    How does the screen feel since it doesn't have gorilla glass?
  24. Johnny Crapple

    Johnny Crapple Well-Known Member

    It doesn't feel as hard, you can tell the difference in that. It still feels pretty good though.

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