Crackling sound in earpiece with 5.1 mode?Support

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  1. Rileyjsg

    Rileyjsg Active Member

    I get this crackling sound when I listen to music with e 5.1 mode in stock player. It sounds like my music is breaking up, like when you listen to radio in e wrong frequency. It only happens when I use e 5.1 surround mode; turn it back off its fine.

    Today I realise that e 5.1 works with mp4, aac and wma (maybe all formats?) except for mp3. Anyway if I restart the phone it works for all formats for a while them acts up again, but this time around, only for mp3. Why is this so? Btw 5.1 works perfect in videos so I don't think its hardware related.k

  2. smriti_w

    smriti_w New Member

    I do have the same problem the phone gets hanged and the crackling music keeps on playing on high volume until u restart u'r phone.
  3. guyherve123

    guyherve123 New Member

    Yah i have a problem I think it came from the same source. Btw i just got the s2 so im a newb in the field. Now after i pressed the channel 5.1 it screwed up my settings i believe and i dont knpw how to fix it. Frustrating, i tried to press it again etc

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