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  1. Slewiscommando

    Slewiscommando New Member

    Whenever I put my commando in the cradle, the all the icons are unresponsive except for the search button. I did a lot of searching, and the only other person that had this issue did a hard reset but I don't want to take the route. It's been this way for quite sometime, I don't remember exactly when it started. Also running LaunchPro if that means anything. I joined this forum just because this problem is driving me crazy.

  2. john58ford

    john58ford Well-Known Member

    This was discussed in one of the last few update threads also. that's when this happened to me anyhow. Have to double tap search to get to the unlock. I never found a fix. Not hard reset. Not stay awake. Not clearing data. I just live with it, it sucks but mines on the cradle maybe 30 mins a day and it helps keep the Ports clean and watertight so I get over it. Good luck. Don't over charge your phone.
  3. MO351

    MO351 New Member

    Unlock the screen first before putting it on the cradle. Then put it on the cradle and the icons will work for a short time only. They won't work if you put the phone on the cradle with the screen off. That's how I have had to do mine ever since the last update.

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