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  1. 4drgsrc5

    4drgsrc5 New Member

    well like the title says "craigslist got me screw!" i got a samsung attain on craigslist for $80.. i check the esn b4 i bought it an it was good.. 4 day after i got it, i call metro to transfer my number and they say that the phone was report it lost or stolen and i couldnt activated, so i call the guy that i got from and he say that hi took the phone to metro b4 and they toll him that he had to wait for like 2week cause it was under someones account that has not been paid for 2week, thats the reason he sold it cheap...
    i was able to get the number that the phone was under and i called.
    was a chick saying that her phone was stolen on "3/9/12" from a party..
    the date i called metro to check was 3/20/12 and they say it was fine..
    on 3/24/12 was the day i try to put under my account and they say i couldnt ...sooo someone is a lier!!lol
    so i call metro insurence and they toll me that seens the person the report it, got a new replasment ,the old phone became insurence property and there was no way to activated not even if the person who report it would call...
    so wat can i do now?? is there a way or something that i can do??can i wait few weeks b4 i can activated?? can i flash it to boost mobile or cricket?
    any help would be apreciated!!thanx in advance for any help!!

  2. Shabbypenguin

    Shabbypenguin Well-Known Member Developer

    there is a massive hole in your story, you claim you checked the esn before you bought it and it was clean, if it was on the chicks account then it would come back as being used, thus not clean.
  3. 4drgsrc5

    4drgsrc5 New Member

    Yeah it did came out clean cause the lady from metro that i talk to ask me if i want it activated and i say no cause i didn't have the phone yet..
  4. Tokenpoke

    Tokenpoke Well-Known Member

    Shabs has a point but if you really want to get into it...

    Call the non emergency police line and report the seller. Contact the owner and return the phone.

    At the least you should have the seller court ordered to reimburse and may get a bit of a reward for returning it.

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