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craigsphone (craigslist): Craigslist for Android on the go is awesome!

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  1. mcab

    mcab Guest This Topic's Starter

    Do you love Craigslist as much as i do? If you're checking this app out i bet the answer is yes. So here's the thing. What's as good or maybe even better than being on Craigslist at home? How about browsing through Craigslist on the go? Yes, that's right. Browse Craigslist on the go with Craigsphone! This is a great app with a great and simple but nice UI to bring you Craigslist on your Android phone. It doesn't stop there... you can browse but you can also Post things you're selling straight from your phone. So that's it. What are you waiting for? Get your Craigslist on, ON THE GO!!


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