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  1. LondonVirus

    LondonVirus Member

    Since installing the new firmware, the phone crashes/restarts when attempt.g to open games and/or YouTube videos...

    Anyone know a fix?


  2. Seany B

    Seany B Member

    I had a very similar problem with my phone after I installed the update, however mine was whenever I tried to play music.
    I started a thread not long ago which has a few tips and ideas. The main reason we think mine went into crash mode is because I installed the update whilst the phone was on charge, which I have now found out it does warn you not to do before you agree to update. Was your phone on charge whilst you updated?
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  3. kanekanekane

    kanekanekane Member


    The same thing happened to me.

    Although I also rooted the phone.
    So I am not sure what the cause of the issue was.
    Although youtube and games were working when I first got the phone.

    I have since sent the phone back for repair / replacement.

    I was able to revert the phone back to the stock flash, but it was still in an unlocked state.

    I wonder if it will effect me in trying to get the handset replaced.

    If having the charger connected while installing an update causes a problem, perhaps they should prevent update if a charger is connected.
    Makes sense to me, although hmmmmm may not make sense to the developers.

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