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CRASH "user fault not kernel panic upload mode"Support

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  1. thelyght4

    thelyght4 New Member

    My Vibrant just crashed with this message, "user fault not kernel panic upload mode". All I was doing was updating a word document using the application FREETHINK which comes with the phone. I pulled the battery out and restarted, and went to do the same thing I was trying to do before the crash and it crashed again.

    I looked this message up online using "google". There isn't much. People seem to think it has to do with GPS, and it seems like it's a reoccurring problem, which factory reset will not fix. I'm switched back to my Blackberry, incase that it does reoccur. And I will call T-Mobile I guess or maybe try restarting again, and see if it crashes again doing something different other than FREETHINK.

    Not panicking yet...

    Anyone else experiencing this problem?

    I hope it doesn't reoccur,.. I'll let you know...


  2. thelyght4

    thelyght4 New Member

    I mean, ThinkFree. So it seems to only crash like this with this application now.
  3. saamlee92

    saamlee92 Well-Known Member

    then it could be ThinkFree prob.. try reinstalling it
  4. My Vibrant was doing that all the time BEFORE I uninstalled "adv task master" as far as I could tell it didnt mater what your doing atm is the problem it dont like the Vibrant!

    Since that day my second month of life with Vibrant has been crash free!

    if you must "control stuff" grab "app swipe" and "start up auditor"

    Unlike atm, sua will not allow you to kill stuff thats important! So that makes a big difference in the crashs!

    And app swipe makes it easy to kill stuff you just ran...Tho it does lagg in scrolling...I thought it was just my phone but my friends cliqxt did the same lagg so i felt vindicated !

    Enjoy :)
  5. innerak

    innerak New Member

    Use Odin for your Phone
    in my Case i Use Odin v1.85

    I just Flashed it and It Works...

    Galaxy Y and Pocket
  6. enfacttwo

    enfacttwo New Member

    Best Answer
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  7. enfacttwo

    enfacttwo New Member

    hi ive eperience that too..how was ur phone now? what did you do about it?

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