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  1. Gunzgirl

    Gunzgirl New Member

    Android Version: 2.1
    Network: Telus (Canada)
    Taskiller Used?: Advanced Task Killer (rarely used)
    Issue: Data suckage!

    Hello everyone,

    I've tried to see if others have had data problems like mine, but apparently no one has posted on something of my magnitude.

    I have 1 Gb of data a month...thats one of the biggest plans in Canada, and I cannot increase (student plan maximum). A few weeks ago, my 3G watchdog alerted me that I was over my 1Gb, and this was in a week span of a new billing cycle. I called Telus and they said it was a mistake, but later on my data usage on their site said I had used 500 Mb on that day!

    Since then I had a few more instances where 400 or 500 Mb has been used on a day (almost all outgoing or transmitting data). This has to be a syncing problem or a bug. Not only do I not stream radio or youtube, but I usually only use facebook, twitter, read yahoo email, and weather updates.

    I had to get a datablock for the rest of the billing month (since I had used up 2.2 Gb in 10 days) and now I'm monitoring my data wifi usage through data counter widget.

    It would be wonderful if I could figure out what app is sucking all of my data...I have about 500 friends on facebook...I also went though and deleted almost all of my emails in my inbox (which was the problem with motorola data usage).

    Yesterday, I was on the net on postsecret, and then on facebook (maybe 15 minutes total). Upon returning I saw I had used 510 Mb of transmitting data....

    The only advice I got from Telus is to format my phone and start over...No other problems with the HTC desire have been reported to my provider.

    Any help would be appreciated!

  2. ianb11

    ianb11 Well-Known Member

    Download Traffic Stats from the market.

    That should tell you what's eating your data.
  3. Gunzgirl

    Gunzgirl New Member

    Sorry I'm only finding a few other apps which don't really sound the same...Theres the traffic counter extended and the droidstats. Both of these sound like they only give you general traffic info, not detailed app stuff...
    Is there a specific app that someone can recommend? Or has anyone else had similar problems?

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