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Creaking sounds in VideosSupport

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  1. jb4kats

    jb4kats Well-Known Member

    Ok, this is going to be hard to describe but I will try and do the best I can so that you understand.
    I love this phone. It is so close to the Note 2 and I love it too but I wanted just a tad smaller phone without having to learn how to use another phone and this fit the spot.
    My problem pertains to using the camera/video. I actually don't hear the creaking noise until I go to playback. I noticed that when I either zoom in or out, pause/record/ and volume up or down it when I hear this creaking or light tapping noise. The screen doesn't feel loose but I am wondering if there isn't something loose under the screen that when you press on the screen the recorder picks it up and that is why I only hear it on playback? I actually called Samsung and asked them and she suggested I return it and exchange it but I am afraid it will probably be on backorder and it will take forever to get one.

  2. HaTrEd360

    HaTrEd360 Well-Known Member

    It's haunted.
  3. jb4kats

    jb4kats Well-Known Member

  4. rkkeller

    rkkeller Well-Known Member

    I can try taking some videos today and see but so far I have not taken any. I have taken a lot of pictures and they are stunning especially outside.

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