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Create 2 groups in android expandable listview

  1. krishnaveni

    krishnaveni Well-Known Member

    Hi i have try to develop expandable listview in android application.now i have one doubts.how is creating 2 groups ion below my code for separate child details...For Eg:
    Group name:
    Childname(CustomerInfo):name,email.How is to do.Please help me.

    My code is:
     SimpleExpandableListAdapter expListAdapter =
                new SimpleExpandableListAdapter(
                        createGroupList(),              // Creating group List.
                      // Group item layout XML.
                        new String[] { "OrderInfo","CustomerInfo"},  // the key of group item.
                        new int[] { R.id.order,R.id.customer},
                        // ID of each group item.-Data under the key goes into this TextView.
                        createChildList(),              // childData describes second-level entries.
                      //  new String[] {"KEY_ARTIST"},  
                       // new int[] { R.id.payment_label}  // Keys in childData maps to display.
                          // Layout for sub-level entries(second level).
                       new String[] {"KEY_ARTIST","KEY_DURATION","KEY_SUBTOTAL","KEY_DISCOUNT","KEY_COUPON","KEY_COST"},  
                       new int[] { R.id.payment_label,R.id.total_label,R.id.discount_label,R.id.discount_label,R.id.coupon_label,R.id.cost_label}// Keys in childData maps to display.
                     //   new int[] { R.id.payment_label,R.id.total_label}     // Data under the keys above go into these TextViews.
                setListAdapter( expListAdapter );       // setting the adapter in the list.
            }catch(Exception e){
                System.out.println("Errrr +++ " + e.getMessage());
        /* Creating the Hashmap for the row */
        private List createGroupList() {
              ArrayList result = new ArrayList();
              for( int i = 0 ; i < 1 ; ++i ) { // 15 groups........
                HashMap m = new HashMap();
               m.put( "CustomerInfo","CustomerInfo"); // the key and it's value.
               m.put( "OrderInfo", OrderInfo);
                result.add( m );
              return (List)result;
    Here my above code is not worked..so please help me i have to change what line.


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