Create playlists on PC, and copy to Droid? Where are Droid created playlists stored?Support

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  1. nelcatjar

    nelcatjar Member

    How do I create a playlists on my PC and copy it to my Droid? What format is a playlists, so I could create on my PC, copy it to my Droid, and my Droid recognize and use the play lists.

    I know how to copy music from my PC to my Droid, and how to create playlists while on my Droid by pressing and holding a song then adding to a playlist. With a large number of songs, this can be very time consuming and tedious.

    (and for that matter, where are the playlists on my Droid that I create on my Droid? I cannot find any files that look like a playlists. Are they hidden? What is the file extension?)


  2. nelcatjar

    nelcatjar Member

  3. vincentp

    vincentp Well-Known Member

    Might be hidden. There's got to be a way to get to them, if not normally then at least with root access. I haven't been able to find them either.
  4. alostpacket

    alostpacket Over Macho Grande? VIP Member

    Oh snap vince, you're about to join Joe's 1k+ club
  5. jmt9779

    jmt9779 Well-Known Member

    I'd like to know this too. It's a royal pain in the nuts to create playlists on the droid.
  6. vincentp

    vincentp Well-Known Member

    Lol. Joe went blowing past me, I think he was at 300 something posts when I was at 800. You're gettin there too though.
  7. alostpacket

    alostpacket Over Macho Grande? VIP Member

    lol shhh. I'm planning on posting in reverse soon so I dont cross the 1k mark.
  8. 4lph4num3r1c

    4lph4num3r1c Well-Known Member

    I'd love to be able to so this as well.
  9. 22engine

    22engine Well-Known Member

    i looked around for this also and no luck. I just need play lists for when i go to the gym. Are you using itunes for your music. If so there is an app in the market called isyncr and it works great. Lets you sync play list from itunes to your droid. hope that helps
  10. cooawk

    cooawk New Member

    What I did was
    1.)mount the droid manually
    2.)dragged the desired .mp3(s) to the the device
    3.)since i already had the playlists made up on itunes i just right clicked on the name of the playlist and hit export
    4.)chose the file extension .m3u
    5.)once the .m3u was created, dragged the .m3u to the droid and it shows up under playlists in the android music app

    I like this method bc it doesn't require any software other than itunes
  11. jzaruba

    jzaruba Member

  12. BigPapi

    BigPapi New Member

    For Windows Media Player, once the Droid X is discovered, right click on the name of your Droid X device to SET UP SYNC LIST. Then, you identify which Windows Media Player playlists will sync in. Here is the rub...

    When your device is connected in "USB Mass Storage" mode, the music and videos will sync, but the Playlists do not.

    However, when you change to "PC Mode" on the USB Connection, everything syncs the way it's supposed to - including the playlists from Windows Media Player.

    I personally have had NO success with "Windows Media Sync" mode on USB Connection, but I hear rumor it works with Windows 7 OSs.

    Good luck!
  13. atommc

    atommc New Member

    How do you change to PC Mode?? I've got a Samsung Galaxy 2 and when I press the setting button it shows 'USB Utilities' click and it says 'USB Mass Storage' with a button saying 'connect to pc'. Nowhere do I see anything about 'PC Mode'
  14. drrcjones

    drrcjones New Member

    This worked like a charm -- thank you thank you thank you!!

  15. sammyray1023

    sammyray1023 New Member

    The easiest way to create your playlists on your droid, is to first create them on your computer through windows media player and then sync to your device. Works for me.
  16. atommc

    atommc New Member

    How do you sync them, that is the problem.
  17. goobarb

    goobarb New Member

    This worked well with the free winamp app, cheers
  18. nishumon

    nishumon New Member

    Use mp3tag software( Google it!) and edit album name to something like 'myplay' or what else you want on the pc.Then the songs is available in the album option of your droid.
  19. jzaruba

    jzaruba Member

    this thread is about creating playlists
    your "solution" throws away album information
  20. EricC1001

    EricC1001 New Member

    I just got a Droid Razr Maxx and also would like help with Playlists. I synced my music to my phone's SDcard via MotoCastUSB, as well as the playlist files. The problem is they are totally randomized, or somewhat-alphabetized or something. I make my playlists on my pc to flow nicely. I DESPISE the "shuffle" feature, which the phone is basically forcing on me. Is there any way to get it to play the songs in the correct order? I've tried the "Music"(Google Music) app and "My Music"(Motocast) and neither seem to be able to do it. (sigh it's 2012. I'm tired of my phones not being able to simply play a playlist correctly.)

    Edit: I copied some playlists over via WMP(and WMP Sync usbsetting) and removed all of the stuff from motocastusb's sync. Even though WMP syncs by playlist it didn't seem to send the playlist file over. I opened the phone's drive from My Computer and saw it had a playlist folder in it, so I opened my playlist folder and copied them over, and the phone has them, and they play in order now. Apparently Motocast can't sync playlist files properly lol. If I found that playlist folder earlier maybe it would've worked, and I wouldn't be copying my ENTIRE music library back over again lol.

    I guess I'll have to recopy the playlists each time they're modified. That's....unintuitive and kinda a pain. At least with motocast I can flag the folder as "casted" or whatever so if I forget I can dl the file remotely.
  21. Thorman

    Thorman Active Member

    that's kewl...but it won't work if you have an Audio Book with Chapters.

    Anyone know how to handle this with an audio book?
  22. teddyearp

    teddyearp A guide with guides

    Sorry for the lateness of this reply. For me, I had an audio book that I had ripped from the CD's to .mp3 files, transferred them to my device and then used the music app to create a play list with just those files. Sometimes, you have to reboot the device so those files will show up in the music app.

    If you have an audio book say from audible, you must use the audible app.

    good luck
  23. TechnoBob99

    TechnoBob99 New Member

    This worked on 11/14/2014:
    1.) Various threads told me I needed my playlist with the file extension of .m3u.
    2.) Windows Media Player saves playlists as .wpl.
    3.) Create playlist in Windows Media Player, right-click it and open file location.
    4.) Download and install "WPL To M3U Converter" from WPL To M3U Converter |
    5.) Run the file and find and app with the most simple, intuitive interface you've ever encountered: Click, "Open WPL Playlist," and put in the file path you found in step 3 (above).
    6.) Click, "Save Playlist as .m3u." The default, "My Music," location will ave the list in the same, Playlists, directory where you found your .wpl file.
    7.) I dragged both my music .mp3 files and my new .m3u over to my RazrM SD card, unplugged the USB chord from the phone and opened up the, "Play Music," app on the phone. When I searched, "Playlists," the new one was there and it works!
  24. Nucknfuts

    Nucknfuts New Member

    Best Answer
    Easiest Method:
    1. Use Windows Explorer to find your Music folder on your device and create another folder next to it called 'Playlists' if there is not already one there.
    2. Create a file in the Playlists folder with the name of the playlist you want with the extension '.pla', like dance.pla. You can do this by creating a playlist in media player, drag it to your device on the left and click 'Start Sync'. Or copy an existing playlist file and rename it.
    3. Now double click on the .pla file and you will see a tab called 'References'.
    4. Drag your music files into that References area. You will see the new playlist in your device after you click the OK button.
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  25. dazspy

    dazspy New Member

    In case you haven't discovered it yet 'Smart Audiobook player' is what you want.

    It really is an excellent player and it alws good separation between your music and audiobooks, ie. it will only refer to the folder you point it to.
    The player features are simple but perfect for audiobook listeners.

    I've used it for over 2 yrs now

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