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Creating a backup image of the Mid9742Support

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  1. swalker5906

    swalker5906 Member

    This first process does NOT work...leaving on here to document what has been ruled out.

    Let me preface this with this statement:
    I do NOT yet have my Mid9742...waiting on USPS from Texas. When it arrives (expected to be early next week), I will be creating an image to share with everyone. That being said, if someone else can give these instructions a go and see if it works, and share before I get to it...all the better.

    I'm basing this on my experience (and the experience of others) on other A10 architectured devices. To my knowledge no one has ran this on the MidXX42 series yet...so this process may not work. If it doesn't let me know and I'll come up with another...and another...until will hash this thing out.

    The process is dependent upon ABD shell, and busybox.

    Open ABD shell and enter the following a line at a time.

    mkdir /sdcard/dump
    cat /dev/block/nanda > /sdcard/dump/bootloader.img
    cat /dev/block/nandc > /sdcard/dump/boot.img
    cat /dev/block/nandg > /sdcard/dump/recovery.img
    busybox mount -o remount,ro /system
    cd /system
    busybox tar cv * | gzip -c > /sdcard/dump/system.tgz

    abd pull /sdcard/dump

    Once that's done, upload the .img files and the system.tgz you just created.

    I know these are somewhat technical and might look a bit daunting. I'd like for someone who is familiar with a shell command prompt to try this first. Like I said, I intend to hash it out once mine arrives next week, but I figured I'd put this out there for anyone that is comfortable enough to give it a go. Report back with any issues.

  2. SonySony

    SonySony Well-Known Member

    Someone attempted to produced a dump on another site.

    The missing word is android + tablets + .net (one word)

    The other site Page HERE
    ==http://www.androidXXXXXtablets.net/forum/coby-generation-3/38231-requesting-firmware-dumps-coby-generation-3-devices.html== (remove Xs)

    -----On second thought, it might B U (sorry)
  3. swalker5906

    swalker5906 Member

    Actually...no...its not. I hadn't seen that one yet. Crap. I didn't even think of the fact that it had to be root to work. Poo...I'll come up with another process tonight.

    And since Coby's technical support email is like talking to a brick wall...I can only imagine its going to be up to someone out here to come up with an image.
  4. SonySony

    SonySony Well-Known Member

  5. swalker5906

    swalker5906 Member

    Ok...instead of a dump, how about this (and I don't know if it'll work with this architecture or not so...) :

    Open the abd shell (which since I didn't mention it before is part of the android SDK) with the device connected via USB.
    Then type this command:

    abd backup -system -apk -all -f C:\mid9742.ab

    Where the -f command is telling it what to name it and where to put it.

    Supposedly it doesn't require root access, but I'm not entirely sure it will actually grab everything we would need either. I used this process back awhile ago while playing around on one of my phones, and it seemed like it was a full backup.
  6. swalker5906

    swalker5906 Member

  7. SonySony

    SonySony Well-Known Member

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