creating a custom rom to make the citrus decent

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  1. shaunjohn

    shaunjohn Well-Known Member

    im gonna attempt to make a decent rom for the citrus, as its the only phone i currently own that does me no good, i need the recovery to get started if anyone wants to help that has knowledge i could most likely get a citrus for them for testing, i figured why let a phone suck, like the wii for example was ok with wii sports and an occasional rental or buy, but until it was modded it wasn't living up to its potential, i got some nice phones, but id like to do something with a have not phone cause i know there are people stuck with a citrus and wanna enjoy some of the things custom roms provide

  2. dannyboy42670

    dannyboy42670 Member

    Please do man, I would love you im stuck with it, and my biggest thing is it needs to be OC'ed because its so damn slow.
  3. lokiare

    lokiare Member

    Any progress on this?
  4. dannyboy42670

    dannyboy42670 Member

    i knew no one would ever make one :(
  5. Beholder88

    Beholder88 New Member

    I'm using the Citrus as a backup phone until I'm up for an upgrade. Coming from a Droid X this thing is downright annoying. I already rooted it and have removed the junk that was pre-installed. It's kind of disappointing to see that no one has come up with a rom for this thing. If I has more programming knowledge I would be more than happy to try something. All I need is something simple, blur-less and still capable of doing what I want. This thing isn't all that capable to begin with, but being able to load a custom ROM would be somewhat of a plus.

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