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  1. Fred S

    Fred S Well-Known Member

    If I go to the Gallery I get Camera Shots, All Photos, and All Videos. How can I create a new gallery folder to be visible here so that I can classify my pictures more easily. I tried creating a new folder on the SD card within DCIM\100Media and using an app that rescanned the SD card but no luck.

  2. kylec

    kylec Active Member

    Alright this is what u gotta do. You were on the right track go into my files>dcim. At this point hit the menu key select create new folder. Once the new jfolder is created stay in dcim. Go to the pics or videos you want to move. Once you have found the pic long press on it and it will ask you a bunch of stuff but just select move and select your new folder and select move here. Keep in mind this is the only point that i found to move pics on the phone. So in other words if u want to put more pics in that folder repeat the process. Or connect to ur computer and go into the phones dcim. Make a new folder and drag and drop. I also didn't use any app to do any of this. I hope this helps you.
  3. Fred S

    Fred S Well-Known Member

    Okay, I used ES File Explorer to create a new folder, so this is at sdcard\DCIM\Mynewfolder. I then cut and pasted a picture into this new directory (couldn't see an option to move it), when I went to the Gallery it did search for pictures but the one I moved is still under Camera Shots and All Pictures, I was expecting to see a new Album with the name of the new folder I created.
  4. jon hazle

    jon hazle Active Member

    I tried the same thing with no luck, there is in my gallery a folders icon now that has my organized folders. But camera roll still has everything in it unorganized. But I don't know if that is cuz I'm on a motorola phone. Are there different gallery apps for different visions of android?
  5. SUroot

    SUroot Well-Known Member Developer

    Unfortunately I believe a limitation of the gallery is that it can only show folders 1 level down. Any folders within those folders will only show as the folder thumbnail.

    What you actually have to do is to create the folder on the root of the SD card.


    I say I believe, because I no longer use the HTC gallery, but this was certainly the case when I used to.
  6. Fred S

    Fred S Well-Known Member

    Is there a better app that could be used for this sort of thing then?
  7. Fred S

    Fred S Well-Known Member

    I've done a bit of investigating of this and have now successfully created an album under sdcard/My Documents/picturefolder1/picturefolder2 i.e. 3 folders down. I also found that if I downloaded a picture from the internet it got saved to sdcard/download, and this also showed up as an album. I haven't tried other folders on the sdcard but at the moment it seems that it won't work under DCIM at all. So, looks like problem solved.
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  8. kylec

    kylec Active Member

    I'm glad you figured it out. I have a captivate so maybe the gallery app is different on your motorola. I don't know if this was clear but when i moved the pictures i did it rt on my phone. If you were trying on your computer then i can see this being confusing. So when you go into the myfiles app on your phone and u open dcim, do you see the folders in the gallery? So what u were saying is that when u long pressed on a photo no option list pops up?
  9. Fred S

    Fred S Well-Known Member

    I actually have an HTC Wildfire not a Motorola, and don't have a myfiles app, so this must explain the difference. I did it all with the ES File Explorer app.
  10. kylec

    kylec Active Member

    Sorry Fred I got u mixed up with Jon Hazle. I know I saw motorola somewhere, lol. The HTC, nice phone!
  11. vosg

    vosg Well-Known Member

    I found 'ctrl folder' on the market. It allows you to manage folders in HTC Gallery.

    Once it's installed, go to the Gallery, click the Share icon and select Folder.

    Works great!
  12. ericbro

    ericbro New Member

    Don't know how to do it on the phone (I don't have any folder management apps), but on the computer you need to create those folders under the root directory, not under DCIM. So, in addition to the DCIM folder, I also have "Icon Photos", "Family Photos", etc, and the each show up as "Albums" (along with "Camera Shots", "All Photos" and "All Downloads").
  13. bettina.sutton

    bettina.sutton New Member

    hi, how do i find the dcim folder within the fone?..

  14. jok64

    jok64 New Member

    well lads ive got it working on my wildfire s as follows : sd/folders and create a new one here it will then show the new folder. all working great here hope this helps .
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  15. htcwildfires1

    htcwildfires1 New Member

    Exactly as Fred S wrote - it works brilliantly. In addition to it I disabled the All Photos folder. Thanks

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