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    If you don't have access to a computer, you can make bootanimations on your phone, if it is rooted. It takes a lot longer to do this on a phone, but its possible.

    This method describes how to manually assemble the using your phone. Apparently, theres an app that can create an animated gif from a series of images (PowerGIF?), then another app that can create a from an animated GIF. However there are some features that cant be included.

    To learn about how to make bootanimations, there are some tutorials that explain it. Its pretty easy. You just need to create a "desc.txt" file and the folder(s) that contain your images. Select these files and folders and zip them. Don't zip the folder you used to contain them.

    I successfully created bootanimations on my Wildfire Buzz. However, its a bit fiddly and there's a couple of tricks.

    To create a series of images, I used Picsart, as it provides many image alteration tools, masks, filters, etc. I started with an image of the correct size, rather than resize one. I haven't found an app to resize or crop to exact dimensions.
    To zip the files I used ZArchiver. Its still in beta mode, but it was the only one that could package the zips so they would work. In the app, set the default compression to none, and use zip, not 7z. Other apps I tried couldn't create a working zip file.

    On the stock HTC ROM, the and the android_audio.mp3 files are both located in /system/customize/resource/
    if the bootanimation cant be read by the phone, it prevents the sound from playing.

    On CM7, and possibly all Cyanogenmod ROMs, these files are located in /system/media/
    I used "BAC Free" to "Add sound to boot", which installs the binary required so the phone can play the android_audio.mp3 placed in this folder. The sound will play even if the bootanimation doesnt work.

    I use Root Browser Lite to paste, rename and change permissions.

  2. garyht

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    Here's an example of a bootanimation I made on my phone.
    Its my work, copyright free, in the public domain.

    It is a dirty scuffed up version of the HTC splash image, fading in from black and staying until boot completed.
    Use it as you wish.
    The link ->

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