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Creating new album foldersSupport

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  1. Bapp

    Bapp Member

    Hey Guys, has anybody been able to create a new album folder in their HTC Hero/G2 touch.

    When I created a separate folder on my laptop and transferred the photos across they just went straight into the camera album, instead of creating a new album.

    Any thoughts???

  2. robertneher

    robertneher New Member

    Also missing this feature. Tried to find something in manual, but...
    nothing. I will post this issue on HTC's Twitter account. Hoping to get any hint there.
  3. Neff

    Neff Member

    On your SD card create a folder called

    media/pictures/<album name> and copy the pictures into there.
  4. robertneher

    robertneher New Member

    Great. Thanks for this useful hint.
  5. Neff

    Neff Member

    You can also create




    and if you copy mp3s into there there will show up in the selection lists for ringtones and notification sounds.
  6. crish

    crish Active Member

    How can i change the default photo it shows?

  7. m.m.m

    m.m.m New Member

    hi, I have HTC Sensation, and android 2.34, and I made a folder in this path:
    and named it: Internet, and there was 3 photos.
    but when I go to the Gallery, there is no album called Internet.
    can you help me?
    thanks. :D
    After Edit:
    I made a folder on SDCART, and named it Koon, and then, I restarted my phone, but there was no album named Koon in gallery, then, I restarted my phone, and when I went to gallery, I saw the album is created, why we should restart the phone when we make a new album to see it?

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