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Creating SD Card Partitioning

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  1. bedazzledaliz

    bedazzledaliz New Member

    Hello Friends

    I recently got new HTC explorer and flashed a custom rom... However one of the biggest problems in this phone is low internal storage problem! I just have 60 MB left.. Although my phone is rooted and I can move apps to sd card using some applications..However a portion of the application still remains on phone's internal memory (e.g 2-3 MB of a 14-15MB app).. I have tried partitioning using the recovery menu but not successful.. I request anyone having knowledge and the moderator to please help me on step by step procedure of partitioning SD card and using it in (HTC explorer specific).. I will highly appreciate your responses..It would be helpful to others as well. Thanks !!

  2. I also got Explorer,yeah,the main problem is the low internal storage. I am looking forward to anyone's help about this question!
  3. Gremaldin

    Gremaldin Well-Known Member

    Install an app called Link2SD from the play store. This app requires root and mounts a partition of your SD card while booting. This partition can be used almost just like internal memory. You can move almost entire apps to the partition (data and cache will remain in the internal memory). You can move even system apps to memory card using this app, and the best part is, we can still use the widgets (if any) for the moved apps.

    Link2SD will explain the entire process of moving apps to SD, but will not actually partition the memory card for you. For that, you can partition your memory card using a program called EaseUS partition manager which is available for free. You can use a memory card reader or just connect your phone to PC in mass USB mode.
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  4. jihu123

    jihu123 Member

    does partitioning the SD card cause any damage to it?

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