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Credit Alarm

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  1. DannyG82

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    Jun 25, 2010
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    Credit Alarm will notify you whenever you are bound to exceed or exceeded the maximum allowed units of your phone plan.

    • Monitor outgoing calls and text messages (SMS)
    • Set the starting day of the billing month
    • Single bundle support
    • Prepaid support
    • Carry over support
    • Set the unit rounding (none, first minute, all minutes)
    • Block outgoing calls when the credit limit has been reached or exceeded
    • Automatic startup on phone boot
    • No internet connection required!
    Per credit type:
    • Set monitoring status
    • Set the rates
    • Set the amount of available units
    • Set the amount limit
    • Set a warning for reaching a certain credit amount
    • Set the alarm type (sound, vibrate, popup, LED)
    • Show additional costs
    • Reset the spending counter
    Available in English and Dutch, no ads!

    More info at:
    Cellcrowd // Android games and applications // Credit Alarm


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