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  1. gaugerer

    gaugerer Well-Known Member

    When I tried to buy an application from Android Market on my Pulse I was unable to enter my credit card expiry date because the format required was "MM/YY" and the number entry pad supplied by the software did not have a "/" character.

    There was only a single box provided to enter the expiry date, so the "/" character was needed to separate the MM and YY data. No matter what I tried I kept getting an expiry date error.

    I managed to overcome this problem by registering my credit card on Google so that the Pulse software did not ask for my credit card details when I buy from Android Market.

    Has anyone else experienced this problem or know when there will be a fix?

    Cheers Bill

  2. Muuurgh

    Muuurgh Well-Known Member

    Hi Bill

    At first I assumed you didn't know about touch and slide down on X for the slash, but then I did what you did, and repeated the error. (BTW, if you touch and slide up it gives you a capital letter)

    Seems to be a bug with the Touchpal software that is the default text input keyboard. I had a look, and had the same problem.

    The option I got to work was to longpress the input field, and select input method, and then select the Android keyboard. That one has a slash selectable for input in the expiry date section.

    Kind of annoying bug though. Registering with Google will make your next purchase quicker next time though?

    And a quick search of Cootek's forums (who make TouchPal) shows no record of this bug/feature, so I might mosey on over later to report it.
  3. gaugerer

    gaugerer Well-Known Member

    Hi Muuurgh, Thanks very much for your reply. When I was trying to enter my credit card expiry date, the software produced only a numeric keypad, so there were no letters to touch and slide.

    I didn't try to longpress the expiry date input box to change the input keyboard as you suggest because I was unaware of that option.

    Unfortunately, I cannot check to see if the longpress solution works for I no longer need to input my credit card data. However, others can try that solution if they experience the same problem and let us know if it works.

    Cheers - Bill
  4. ZXRichie

    ZXRichie Active Member


    I came upon the same problem, put the expiry date of for instance 06/2010 as 0610, when it is processed it changes automatically to 06/10.

  5. gaugerer

    gaugerer Well-Known Member

    Hi Rich, Many thanks for your reply. I hope that works for everyone.


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