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  1. pondabear

    pondabear Member

    Hi, I am new but have been reading the forum for quite awhile. I am
    not too tech savvy but have learned a bit. First off, I have the Huawei Ascend 2 2.3.6, courtesy of Cricket FINALLY upgrading me, yet I am STILL behind the times with a slow phone. Is there an upgrade that will make my phone and browsing faster? Secondly, my laptop is temp out of service, can I root my phone without the aide of a computer? Help would be much appreciated!!! :)

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  2. pondabear

    pondabear Member

    I am new so I don't even know if I am asking the right way and place. Just learning to navigate the web site.
  3. kswildangel

    kswildangel New Member

    Every time I update the Cricket phones, it makes my phone slower. I got frustrated last night and did a hard reset. I'm browsing the forum looking for ways to make mine faster and MORE SPACE! (without rooting . . it's like stereo instructions to me!) Let me know what you find!
  4. actualsize

    actualsize Member

    1. Go thru the app list and delete all the data. You'll have to login again with most aps, but so what, easier than a hard reset. Clear the ap's cache while you're at it too.
    2. Especially facebook. That POS grows like cancer, and never stops running. Ever. What is it doing? Who knows. Actually, I gave up on that site entirely anyways, got tired of people posting pictures of random dogs with motivational sayings as if I was supposed to give a rat butt, ya know?
    3. When you delete all the browser data, you will have to re-enter browser settings if you have cookies or javascript disabled, and make all new bookmarks, so you might just wanna only clear cache on that one. Maybe.
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  5. love101

    love101 New Member

    i want the white shopping bag so i can download games

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