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  1. k0nane

    k0nane Well-Known Member Developer

    Are there many R915 users out there?

    It should be noted that the root method for the R910 should - and most likely will - work on the R915, but that CWM builds, kernels, and ROMs from the R910 should not ever be crossed between the two. I just learned of the R915 today; it appears that the two are different enough to warrant a separate investigation.

    We will continue to look into the R915. It may be necessary to have an R915 development device in order to produce custom materials for it.

    EDIT: Mountpoints on the R915. As you can see, Samsung decided to arbitrarily switch things up... again. This confirms development will not be 100% portable between the two devices.

    EDIT2: We are in possession of a system image for the R915, thanks to IRC user Gar.

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  2. dnacpil

    dnacpil New Member

    yes, i just got the r915 from cricket and i am looking for ways to root this phone
  3. k0nane

    k0nane Well-Known Member Developer

    The root method already posted works just fine.
  4. I'm on Cricket and looking to get one, but I'm not seeing a lot of activity here geared towards Cricket's version. If they are different, should the Cricket and Metro versions have their own forums? It looks like a few other phones have that. I would guess reading through any of the posts in this forum that most people are referring to the Metro version, so it's difficult to gauge progress on Cricket's Indulge.
  5. k0nane

    k0nane Well-Known Member Developer

    They're not different enough to warrant a separate forum. Much of the work done for the R910 will carry over to the R915 - it'll just have to be packaged differently. I plan to ensure - given a sufficient supply of R915 testers, or better, a test device, as right now we have neither - that the R915 receives equal treatment.
  6. the258

    the258 Well-Known Member

    if your AV prevents rooting, try the SuperOneClick root
    found here

    Maybe 2 sub forums for metro indulge users and cricket indulge users for things that may only work for either one or the other. Though if putting keywords in the thread title like "metro users only/cricket users only" would just work the same aside from the cluttered ness.

    I am interested in removal of some of the apps that came with the R915, preferably twitter. Also a custom boot animation, that would be cool.
  7. Shabbypenguin

    Shabbypenguin Well-Known Member Developer

    nah just tags for things like [915] or [910] in topic titles
  8. the258

    the258 Well-Known Member

    yea that!!! lol
  9. Silvist

    Silvist Well-Known Member

    Some of you R915 users might want to hop on the IRC sometime, that actual helps development. Like for instance, we got no users to test the newly released CWM on the R915 version of the Indulge. In case ya didn't know, from any IRC app port 6667.
  10. k0nane

    k0nane Well-Known Member Developer

    I need an R915 user to stop by IRC - need some dumps from you, and potentially testing of a built-from-source kernel. If you've got TeamViewer, that's even better.
  11. the258

    the258 Well-Known Member

    let me know when would be a good time and ill hop onto IRC
  12. Sieva

    Sieva New Member

    I tried flashing the exodus ROM on the r915 after running the AIO root. AIO root worked fine, but the Exodus got to mounting the file system and froze there. Now I can't even get into CWM... and I just read that the mount points are different from the 910 to the 015....

    Is this thing completely borked or is there a bootloader/ OTA-RUU for it yet?

    Samsung's support site for the 915 is a ghost town, I can't seem to find anything on cricket's site either. The documentation and support for this phone is crap... thanks Samdung. :mad:

    only thing I could find is the oh so useful instruction manual on cricket's site:

    If any of you have experience on how to successfully get a warranty return of merch on this thing I would also be grateful.

    Thanks to all you devs who are currently working on this device.

    EDIT: Found the Bootloader, VolumeDown+Back while turning on. Displays the android 'under construction' sign and says 'Downloading...' now if i can only find something to push through the tubez!

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  13. nspriggs

    nspriggs Well-Known Member

    Use odin to return back to stock. The instructions are stickied in this very forum.
  14. Sieva

    Sieva New Member

    Thanks, but there's no mention of a proper factory stock tarball for the cricket r915.

    I'm pretty sure that flashing the MetroPCS stock ROM would force it to try roaming to their network or some other non-congruent jazz that would waste my time. If you or someone else can confirm otherwise, great.

    If not, K0nane states that he's got a copy of the system image, maybe he could post a tarball soon for folks like me?
  15. TheKidGio

    TheKidGio New Member

  16. tiede

    tiede Well-Known Member

    Actually yes... There is a proper factory tarball for the R915. Check the Odin thread, 3rd post, or click here
  17. Darshon

    Darshon Active Member

    I have a r915 cricket, I did not do enough research before trying to install basix. It will only flash samsung now. I have tried holding 9 button, nothing just continues to flash samsung. tried holding s for safe mode, same result. tried volume down and back button, also valume down and home button, everything I do just flashes the samsung logo. The battery charging sign shows up when I plug in the usb, but it does not recognize the phone. Can you help? I would certainly appreciate it
  18. Darshon

    Darshon Active Member

    I have also tried to get into chat but my computer wont let me. it says it is trying to use an add on that is disabled, but I checked and they are all enabled. Pleas e help. I just want to get back to clockwork mod so I can do a recovery
  19. melmez99

    melmez99 Member

    Hi, Someone tried to root my samsung, cricket model #SCH-R915 phone and I'm thinking they screwed it all up? I have read up on some of these procedures and there's more to it then my friend thought. So I've got lots of questions (sorry). Now by rooting this phone, that means I can go with any carrier, and am not limited to only cricket's service's? And this is a 3g or 4g droid? And after it's been rooted does it work the same/features such as down loading apps,emails,wireless,etc.? So this is the info I got from phone-(i apologize in advance, i'm a newbie) PRL version 29192, hardware R915.0.2 firmware 2.2.1 baseband S:R915.0.2K.EE05 kernel and under open source lic. something about root/apache? So what do I do now? Factory reset and start over the right way, if there is a way? Please HELP me fix phone. And thank you so,so much.

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