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Cricket Samsung Vitality Menu - Status - Flaw

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  1. pcwebiz

    pcwebiz Active Member

    I received a Cricket Samsung Vitality and flashed it over to PagePlus Using QPST with no problem.
    I made a backup of the ROM and Switched over to Open Android thinking there was a APN option in the menu. There wasn't.
    I restored my backup using Clockwork recovery
    I rooted the backup wich is the original Cricket Vitality ROM with Admire-2.3.6-Root.
    Now ##DATA# no longer works. Settings/About Phone/Status instantly turns off the phone.

    I restored my backup again so I would have it installed without Root. Did not fix the problem

    If anyone has a suggestion or solution to this problem I would really appreciate your response.

    Thank You

  2. pcwebiz

    pcwebiz Active Member

    After pulling out the Crash Cart I foound my solution by installing CWM- and flashing the ROM to OA ROM 2.3.20 No-OC-RFS For SCH-R720

    ##DATA# has been restored and the phone no longer reboots when clicking the STATUS option in the settings.

    Maybe this will help someone else. Good luck.

    BTW: MetroPCS Samsung Galaxy Admire is a good looking phone but its not very much different in its performance than the Admire...even with its 4G capabilities.
    Rated Last on the list when I ran Quadrant Benchmark. Thumbs Down!
  3. twogbsd

    twogbsd Well-Known Member

    You do realize what you did is not possible.
    You flashed the RFS version of OA, on the EXT4 only version of CWM.....

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