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  1. dlocklear01

    dlocklear01 New Member

    I own both a Huawei Mercury and a 4G LG Regard. I live on the far edge of town were internet service is spotty and don't get a 4G signal inside the house.

    I have tethering on both phones that I use for my PC to access the internet. The Mercury works great with USB tether, but still locks up, or acts slow after a while. The Mercury on Wi-Fi tether, is super slow and can't watch videos.

    The LG Regard rarely even works. It is much slower than the Mercury, and eventually freezes up.

    Should I try a different Cricket device, such as the Crosswave. I don't need a DSL or cable connection as I am seldom home.

  2. dlocklear01

    dlocklear01 New Member

    One of the things I hate about the LG Regard is it is nearly impossible to tell if the phone is charging. Even the Huawei Mercury has a tiny little LED. Trying to find this phone in the dark when the phone is off is impossible.

    I will say that the USB tethering menu is better than on the Mercury, but for some reason the Mercury gets faster internet service.

    The only big advantage to the Regard is if you need a phone that easily fits in your shirt pocket. If you have to choose between the Mercury, or HTC One or the Regard, I would say the better value is the Mercury. I have all 3 of them, and I am using the Mercury to type this. I am guessing my next phone will be a Huawei, as I can't afford the Samsung or Apple stuff.

    The # 1 problem with the LG Regard is that it is way over-priced. I have not yet had a chance to test its 4G capability in a 4G environment, though. I am considering taking it back to Cricket though.
  3. mistermsk

    mistermsk Active Member

    I use the wireless tethering. I haven't really had to much of a problem until I am doing something else on my phone. If I start playing games, etc... It seems to stop working. However, if I leave it at the menu. Everything works fines.

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