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Cruz Reader

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  1. Austin2048

    Austin2048 Active Member

    My mom got a cruz reader for christmas. It doesnt come with the android market, just the cruz market. Is there a way i can get her the android market on her cruz reader? And is there a way to update it to android 2.1 or 2.2?

  2. Mayday247

    Mayday247 New Member

    You need to mod and root the Cruz Reader in order to add the Android Market. Doing so will also allows you to install app2sd or else you will not have much room to install apps under the original setup. Here's a good how to and forum if you're interested:

    (Cruz Reader: Rom rooted with market, busybox and app2sd script)

    As for an OS update, there is none available yet and it doesn't look like Velocity Micro plans to do one for it. Hopefully a programmer/developer will figure something out for all of the Cruz Reader owners out there.
  3. treebeard

    treebeard New Member

    this link no longer yields a good page. update?
  4. patjcompton

    patjcompton New Member

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