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  1. jtarkany

    jtarkany New Member

    With the Cruz T301 selling out this Christmas I would like to encourage anyone that has one to go to the website and submit a request for a firmware update to Android 2.3 (Gingerbread).

    Thank you :)

  2. jtarkany

    jtarkany New Member

  3. mschirm

    mschirm New Member

    I sent a request and got the following response:
    The only devices of ours that have Android 2.3 are the T408, T410 and PS47.
  4. RikerJesus

    RikerJesus New Member

    Wish I could remember where I saw this, but I read that Cruz had said a t301 could not support higher versions of Android (past 2.2) due to hardware issues.
  5. silentmage

    silentmage New Member

    Probably due to the MIPS processor
  6. My Cruz came with 2.6.29 or Eclair version of Android, but I would like to upgrade it to ICS or GB if possible, any ideas or websites I can go visit for custom ROMs so I can reload this system?

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