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  1. rmjdees

    rmjdees Member

    I noticed last night that Velocity micro their cruz reader site.
    CruzReader Home

    they have a little more details than they had before, and a ship date ..... September 27. I guess we have to wait and see if they hit their date.

    from their site:

  2. badankles

    badankles Well-Known Member

    7" TFT capacitive with 512 RAM and Android 2.1. doesn't say what chipset though. $299 is a bit steep.
  3. rmjdees

    rmjdees Member

    it would be nice to know the chip set being used.

    however, Velocity is fairly well known for quality products, as opposed to all of these small Chinese companies that are selling almost no-name tablets. Velocity is sold through Best Buy, Frys, Borders, and other large known retail shops.

    like I said, the first well known company that starts selling a good quality tablet, will get a lot of sales.

    at this point it looks like the order for good tablets will be Samsung (if they start shipping when they announce it), Velocity, and then probably Motorola.

  4. Cobravision

    Cobravision Well-Known Member

    I'd prefer to get the Samsung device, but I'm worried about the price. If I can get a wifi only Galaxy tab for $400, then it's a done deal. But if it's closer to $500, then I'll probably look very hard at the Cruz Tablet. I've decided against all of the Chinese knockoffs at this point because of the resistive screens -- Cruz Tablet is the only one of these Android tablets with capacitive multi-touch.

    The one drawback I can see already is that this unit will not have access to the marketplace. I've heard people mention SlideMe as an alternative -- I assume this means that you can't install appbrain on these kinds of tablets?
  5. rmjdees

    rmjdees Member

    The Samsung is looking pretty good. My biggest questions are price whether there are USB ports directly on it.

    My big questions on the Cruz is performance since we don't know the CPU or speed.

    Waiting for Sept 2.
  6. mindwave

    mindwave Well-Known Member

    I guess my question, as someone who has never heard of Velocity before is:

    Are they a manufacturer or a reseller?

    I mean even Apple doesn't manufacture their own IPADS they have them made by a Chinese maker.

    so what is there yo separate the Cruz from anything else (other than price)

    I remember when folks wouldn't touch an LG Product with a 10 foot polr "You mean the folks who make Floppy drives?"

    Educate me.

  7. Cobravision

    Cobravision Well-Known Member

    The only thing that separates the Cruz Tablet from the MIC MID's is the multi-touch capacitive screen. All the Chinese made ones use resistive screens, and I have not read a single review that was complimentary in that regard.
  8. icurafu

    icurafu Well-Known Member

    well, we also know it's not an enthusiast device as there are not technical specs.
  9. mindwave

    mindwave Well-Known Member


    Can you elaborate on your comment? 'we know its not an enthusiast device as there are not technical specs' ?
  10. icurafu

    icurafu Well-Known Member

    I mean, we don't even know the CPU. It might just be junk for all we know, strapped to a nice screen.
  11. keri2000

    keri2000 Active Member

    I have pre-ordered the Cruz Tablet through Borders. First and foremost, I want an ebook reader that has a backlit LCD screen. This reader/tablet seems like a pretty cool device. I will be sure to post back once I have received and used it. My one goal will to be to figure out how to load apps. If sideloading is my only option, I am fine with it. I like that it has a front facing camera for web-chatting (Fring).

    I'll be sure to let you all know if I like it. I purchased the Nook and returned it after a week because the lagginess drove me nuts. Who knows, the Cruz may be a really sweet device.
  12. Martimus

    Martimus One bite at a time... Moderator

    Good luck! The one thing that confuses me about the Cruz tablet is the supposed ship date. The Borders site states October while the Velocity Micro ship date says mid-September. Hopefully you see yours before Halloween!
  13. keri2000

    keri2000 Active Member

    Yeah I didn't realize that one part of the Velocity Micro website states shipping on 9/27 and another states late September while Borders says 10/15...The sooner the better.
  14. Lyman77

    Lyman77 New Member

    I have tried to buy Velocity Micro reader from Borders today, but for 3 time the operation was unsuccessufully.

    But I have founded the credit card amount taken from Borders without any order completed!

    It's impossible find an email address to resolve the problem, only a telephone number.. but I can't call them from Italy!

    Any suggestion?

    Sorry for my english, but I'm very angry.

  15. themagicalone00

    themagicalone00 New Member

    i have oneeee

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