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  1. kermit999

    kermit999 Member

    Could anyone tell me what the following PCode means?
    GT-I8160 OKABTU (?? what's OKA and BTU)

    and CSC : I8160 BTULD8
    I think the LD8 means 2012: April and the 8th version
    but what does BTU mean ?

    also, along with the PCode it says:-
    SELLOUT SMS: Off (what does that mean)?
    Mode : Test (and what does that mean)?

    thanks all

  2. fuzzface

    fuzzface Well-Known Member

    Basically just identifying codes, can't remember each one, a google search may or may not help.

    These codes are only of interest when rooting and flashing phones, something I have done when I have had a phone full of operator rubbish (Orange are swines for it).

    I haven't seen many decent flashing tutorials for the Ace 2, I'm going to leave mine alone for now, I don't have lots of "bloatware" on mine.

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