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  1. trickytrack

    trickytrack Member

    I have a sgs2 that was bought from australia. I guess its a Vodafone unlocked one. Now iam using it in India. recently i was try to update it to ICS via kies. But it shows blank in "Current firmware version" Hence iam not able to update it to ICS.
    When i tried *#1234#. Result i get is this
    PDA : I9100TDUKH1
    PHONE : I9100TDUKF4

    I gues Kies doesnt recognise the firmware because CSC is unknown. How to fix this issue ?. Please give my step by step instruction

    Hey i noticed another thing just now.
    when i removed my back cover I noticed that as per the sticker their my phone is actually GT-I9100M

  2. ironass

    ironass Well-Known Member

    Hello and welcome to Android Forums trickytrack! :)

    It looks as though your phone is the GT-i9100T variant of the Galaxy S2. This is sold mainly in Australia/New Zealand/Thailand/Israel by Vodafone and Telstra and the, "T", denotes that it has a particular modem suited to those networks.

    At some stage, I guess, someone has unlocked the phone which means that it will not now update via Kies and explains why your CSC code is unknown.

    There are a number of Ice Cream Sandwich, Android 4.0.3, firmwares for the, "T", variant available for you to flash manually via Odin if you wish to upgrade.

    You will need to download the firmware from SamMobile by going to Firmwares and entering, i9100T, in the Search box. this will bring up all the firmwares for the i9100T and you can choose one to download and flash to your phone, using the instructions in post #1, here under the heading, "My firmware is not eligible for ICS yet but I want it now!".

    Since most of the, "T", firmwares are carrier ones, such as Vodafone, it might pay you to go for an unbranded one such as this one for Thailand.

    There is another way of doing this which is a little more involved and that is that you could flash a generic, unbranded firmware for, say Malaysia for the GT-i9100 and then flash, again via Odin, the, "T", variant modem, DUKJ1 to enable your phone to receive signals.

    DO NOT try to use the Indian, GT-i9100G firmware.

    Since this is the GT-i9100T model, which I do not own, this is the limit of my advice I'm afraid. It will require you to read, thoroughly, the links I have given you which will allow you to upgrade to ICS.
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  3. trickytrack

    trickytrack Member

    Hey thanks for the reply. As iam a newbie here i couldn't digest things completely. still got what you said. I think iam interested in the second thing you said. Flash an unbranded firmware of ginger bread and then use kies to upgrade to ICS. it Should work that way right ?.And by the way will their be any problem after flashing like i cant use indian networks or anything ?
  4. ironass

    ironass Well-Known Member

    I didn't say that! :confused:

    You cannot now uses Kies to update. Re-read my post. I suggested flashing the ICS firmware for Malaysia and then flashing the compatible, "T", variant modem.
  5. trickytrack

    trickytrack Member

    Oh sorry i thought so. by the way Isn't such an option their ?
  6. JohnnyJman

    JohnnyJman Active Member

    Remember to wipe your USB storage once you've flashed the new Firmware, otherwise it will still have an unknown CSC.
  7. Russell Ng

    Russell Ng Well-Known Member

    Sorry... but is the T version same as the international version? Malaysia don't have the T version so not sure how that would turn out if its not exactly the same. Also, Malaysia have the G version so you might want to be a little careful about selecting the firmware.

    Finally, why couldn't tricky track just flash the "T" version of firmware straight away? Maybe even ICS (assuming that's already available).
  8. ironass

    ironass Well-Known Member

    Hi Russell!

    From the limited information originally provided by trickytrack...

    All the indications were that this was the GT-i9100T variant sold by Vodafone and Telstra to operate on their networks.

    The difference between the, "T" and International versions is the modem.

    Therefore, I suggested that the OP either flashed a, "T" variant firmware which includes the, "T" modem...

    or, thinking about his present location and language pack requirements, I suggested using the Malaysian firmware for the International version, GT-i9100, with a, "T" modem flashed with it, the reason for flashing the, "T" modem is that it offers optimal 3G/H speeds even on non Australian Vodafone/Telstra networks, see here....

    I thought this warning was enough...

    However, since my replies to trickytrack, he has now posted that the phone is in fact a North American, (Canada, Bell), "M", variant...

    Since the, "M", variant is in fact identical to the International version, GT-i9100, this means that trickytrack can flash any GT-i9100 firmware he likes on to it, providing, of course that it contains a language pack for his choice of language.
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  9. trickytrack

    trickytrack Member

    Hey sorry that i couldnt reply. My internet connection was not working since last few days.
    So finally i decided to to Flash ICS. I would like to flash Malaysian firmware and then add T modem.
    So please provide step by step instruction.
  10. ironass

    ironass Well-Known Member

    You updated your original post to say that you have the GT-i9100M, variant that seems to have the, "T", firmware flashed to it.

    Therefore, if it is the, "M", variant, you do not have to flash the, "T", variant firmware for Malaysia to it... or do you mean the Thailand firmware as per your post, here.

    If you do indeed have the, "M", variant, you can flash the GT-i9100 firmware to it. Can I suggest you make absolutely sure which model you have before proceeding.

    Cyanogen, or CyanogenMod, is in fact a ROM, see here.

    I think you mean, "ClockworkMod", (CWM). If you have taken a nandroid backup using CWM and stored it on your external SD card you will be able to use this to restore your phone to that state.

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