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  1. lburgguy

    lburgguy Well-Known Member

    I just wanted to post my success with CSipSimple as a sip/voip app. I had used Sipdroid for a week or so and it was very rough around the edges. In a desire to find something better, I went through about five programs that promise to do the same thing. I'm here to report that CSipSimple is king of them all, hands down!

    The app is nice in functionality and looks. It has a nice setup wizard that asks you where you have your free sip account at and simply prompts you for your logon info, knowing the other settings based on the fact that you already told it who you get your sip service from.

    I am in no way anything other than a blown-away third party user of the software and it simply works!

    FWIW I'm running an LG Optimus V and Froyo.

  2. chrissurra

    chrissurra Well-Known Member

    Where do you have your free sip account?
  3. lburgguy

    lburgguy Well-Known Member

  4. PSkeptic

    PSkeptic Well-Known Member

    +10 internets here.

    CSIPSimple replaces sipdroid on all my devices now. I use SIPDroid only to do the first time Google Voice set up.
  5. chrissurra

    chrissurra Well-Known Member

    Gave it a try theres a much longer delay with csipsimple than sipdroid, plus sipdroid integrates better with the stock dialer.
  6. rpro95

    rpro95 Member

    Are you able to use bluetooth on csipsimple?I have been using sipdroid for about a week now and the only problem i see is the bluetooth is not working.How is your battery? I hear the program can drain the battery. I have visited the developers google code site. I see complaints about it draining the battery.Sipdroid does not drain my battery.The program works well just wished the bluetooth was working.
  7. mcrow

    mcrow Active Member

    What are the rates?

    I only have 300 minutes currently but may go over that a little from time to time and am looking for a cheap filler if I need it. Is the per minute charge cheaper than the VM overage charge?
  8. rpro95

    rpro95 Member

    It is free.Just download google voice setup it up and then download sipdroid or csipsimple.Go through the setup wizard that will setup your pbxes.org account.

    Check this guide out here.

    1. Create or already have a google voice account.

    2. Download sipdroid latest version.

    3. Register your pbxes account with sipdroid. It's built in and pbxes adds gv as a trunk and gives you voip. If you want to manually enter your sip info it. Do this

    Open sipdroid and hit the settings button on your phone.
    Go into the first sip box and enter your sip info.
    Username yourname-200
    your pbxes pw
    server pbxes.org
    domain leave empty
    username caller id leave empty
    port 5060
    protocol tcp
    Check whatever internet options you want to use. I have them all checked.

    4. Make a call it should work.
  9. lou61166

    lou61166 Well-Known Member

    How is the voice and connection quality.
  10. rpro95

    rpro95 Member

    It has been good for me.It all depends on the location since you are using data not the cdma voice radio.I just paid my ETF on my Sprint account and sold my Samsung Epic. I am not looking back. I wasn't getting 4G in my area anyway.I am very happy with $25 per month an unlimited data,text and now free calls.You should at least try it.If it is not for you.Just keep it configured and installed. Open it when you need it.You never know when you may need the minutes.
  11. MrTweaker

    MrTweaker Well-Known Member

    How do you sign up for pboxes? I keep trying and it rejects me as invalid username/password
  12. PSkeptic

    PSkeptic Well-Known Member

    Are you going through the setup on the phone, or the site?
  13. DaveSin

    DaveSin Member

    I have been using CSipSimple and find the voice quality to be excellent when used over WiFi. I haven't tried it on 3G and don't expect good quality from what I have read elsewhere. I have the LG Optimus Register to my own Asterisk server and make and receive calls via my Google Voice numbers. I have four GV numbers setup on PIAF and can choose which of these DID I want to select for outgoing calls.

    There is one issue I would like to resolve, where I would like to pre-append the the numbers "123" before each outgoing dialing number. I try using "Filter" rules without any success. So, if someone knows of a way to set this up I would welcome your input.
  14. MrTweaker

    MrTweaker Well-Known Member

    The site from my pc.
  15. mcrow

    mcrow Active Member

    I can't seem to get pbxes to work either. I register and then then CSipSimple gives me a an error about "error while registering-request timeout".

    Siproid gives a similar error.
  16. MrTweaker

    MrTweaker Well-Known Member

    Found out my Adblock was blocking the Capcha box. Worked on a different browser.
  17. bombaw8

    bombaw8 Member

    i have had the same setup (sipdroid/csipsimple -> pbxes -> gtalk) for a couple of weeks now. everything worked well on wifi (lg optimus v is not activated yet, waiting for my att contract to expire next week).

    i do like the csipsimple interface better than sipdroid, but they both seem to operate well for me. only other differences i noticed was that csipsimple takes 4m on the phone while sipdroid is less than 2m. i didn't notice excessive battery drain with either... yet.

    one problem i am having is that the incoming calls only ring for about 10 seconds on the phone. it will keep ringing on the calling side then goes into google voicemail eventually...

    it could be a problem with pbxes/gtalk trunk since sipdroid/csipsimple did the same thing. anybody else noticed that or has a fix for it?
  18. bombaw8

    bombaw8 Member

    to mcrow:

    make sure you are using the user name/password under the "extension" tab, found once you log into pbxes.org. it is NOT the user name/password you use to log into the pbxes.org's web site.

    if you did initial setup via sipdroid your account (easist way to establish your gtalk trunk) the user name would be something like xxxx-200 and password is a random string.
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  19. willsomebody

    willsomebody New Member

    Can someone please give the steps for setting up google voice, pbxes, and csipsimple? I made a pbxes account on sipdroid and then put that account info into csipsimple and it registered successfully, but if I try to place a call with that account it tries to call that number @pbxes.org like 985-555-1023@pbxes.org.
  20. sayno2quat

    sayno2quat New Member

    For those who are getting this error, make sure you have not turned on "Use compact SIP". I finally figured out why I was getting the timeout error, and it was because I was messing with expert settings a while back and enabled this, thinking it would reduce bandwidth consumption.

    PBXes.org does not work with compact SIP packets. By default, this setting is off in CSipSimple, but if you're like me, you may have enabled it.

    To ensure that this setting is unchecked, go to Settings, make sure you're in Expert Mode (Normal Mode is the default), then go to Network. The setting is about halfway down.

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