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Cube U30GT Dual core tablet

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  1. Darksnow

    Darksnow New Member

    I am interested in people opinion on this tablet, I have been researching china tabs for a few months now and this is the one that I think I'm going to buy.

    here are the specs:
    Model: Cube U30GT Tablet PC
    CPU: Rockchip RK3066, 1.6GHz, Cortex A9 dual core; GPU: Mali 400 MP4
    Operation System: Android 4.0
    RAM: 1GB (DDR 3)
    ROM[FONT=&#23435]([/FONT]Memory[FONT=&#23435])[/FONT]: 16GB Nand Flash
    Screen Size: 10.1 Inch
    Type: Capacitive Screen, IPS
    Display: LED
    Resolution: 1280 x 800px
    Visible Angle: 180

  2. kingsqueak

    kingsqueak Active Member

    Just got mine today look for my post. Definitely issues. Incomplete ICS missing base components. Also many apps refuse to install due to version incompat...like Facebook and Twitter and Tweetdeck.

    Will need a root job and a clean/full ROM to be right.
  3. rushie

    rushie New Member

    Just to let you know theres a rom available here.
    Cube U30GT

    Very good I hear, still waiting for my cube u30gt so not tried it myself yet.
  4. kanaida

    kanaida Well-Known Member

    I just got mine a week ago. Nice 10ish hour battery life, very nice and smooth after using the Apex launcher. Unfortunately got the hong kong version so I had to disable some funny apps i couldn't read but other than that works ok. Honestly, i just need to root this sucker. It's actually very decent out of the box.

    I'd love to try and port over jelly bean, source just came out. If you guys figure out how to root, let me know. Hopefully I can take a stock jellybean rom from a nexus tablet or something and swap out the kernel.
  5. kingsqueak

    kingsqueak Active Member

    Yup that's what I've been running for a while now, fixed a lot of the OS issues right up. The tablet is still humming along nicely, battery life is good, the vendor never did really get my order right, but the tablet and memory card were the most important...and they finally did ship me the charger.

    I would definitely pass on the case options, the quality is really poor, even for the cheap price.
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  6. laks57

    laks57 New Member

    can u tell what is the customs duty paid in India?
    what is the total price paid thro on line and credit card payment?
    which online site u purhased?
  7. cubecobol

    cubecobol New Member

    Hi I had a cube u9gt lasted 11 months then became erratic.

    Now have a u30gt mini, so far good unit ,but can not load google sky map?

    Otherwise sofar happy

  8. andre77

    andre77 Member

    You might receive the wrong charger like I did and it wont work. If you receive a 5V then it wont work. I went to radio shack yesterday and had to get a 12V 1500 MAH and it works fine, but I hear if you have a choice choose the 12V 2000 MAH, but they didnt have that one
  9. dazk

    dazk New Member

    Anyone recommend a good case for this tablet. Got tablet fews ago and had to installed new ROM as some apps didn't work, been OK since
  10. jeco

    jeco New Member

    hi anybody can help about my Cube u11gt i bought this last year and i unfortunately forgot my password, how can do the reset of this tablet without volume button?

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