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  1. kingsqueak

    kingsqueak Active Member

    Just got a Cube U30GT today...heads up.

    The ICS 4.0.4 is not "real". It's missing standard components like calendar and gtalk. Also, you can't install many apps like Facebook or Twitter because the market masks them. The apps come up as incompatible with your device.

    The accessory leather case is utter garbage, even though it's cheap, skip it.

    Display is very nice and the tab is pretty speedy.

    Wi-fi however is buggy and I need to bounce the connection frequently. The signal strength is however, solid.

    You may want to wait until a ROM appears before buying this so the apps version issue is resolved or so that you get a complete ICS install with all the base apps in it.

  2. mikedt

    mikedt 你好 Guide

    Actually it's Chinese.

    Yup, Chinese version of Android, no Google, no Facebook, no Twitter. You've probably got Baidu, QQ and Weibo instead.

    Fluky wifi can be a common problem with these cheap Chinese tablets.

    Don't hold your breath.

    You bought it from Ebay or a Chinese wholesaler in Shenzhen or Hong Kong?
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  3. kingsqueak

    kingsqueak Active Member

    Yup an ********** special. Unfortunately not so cheap either I was mislead by a bunch of sites with writeups making Cube sound legitimate.

    Maybe I can root it and fiddle with build.prop and trick the market. Oh well, lesson learned on impulse buying.
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  4. mikedt

    mikedt 你好 Guide

    Shills probably......actually the Cube is in the People's Republic of China. :rolleyes:

    I do know **********, a B2C division of Alibaba, Hangzhou.
  5. kingsqueak

    kingsqueak Active Member

    Some added followup, I had to double check my order and the items shipped today to be sure.

    So my order wasn't shipped complete either heh... they didn't ship the keyboard case (I forgot if I'd ordered it, but I did) and...this is the funny one, I thought it charged over USB, but it doesn't, it takes a 12V charger...which they didn't ship with it.

    So I've filed a dispute with ********** and will see how they handle the issue.

    It was a Shenzhen seller, Shenzhen Elifekey Technology Co., Ltd. will see if they make good on the missing parts.

    I'll update again later with status on the issue.
  6. kingsqueak

    kingsqueak Active Member

    So I should soften the Edge on my initial impressions with info I learned.

    I got a power supply from radio shack to use the tablet until the vendor ships my missing part. The "a" size Enercell adaptor fits and the 2.5A 12V DC adapter is good enough for charging duty.

    ROM flashing and rooting can be done via info at other forums. Calendar apk files are out there and work.

    It is reported that modifying build.prop fixes the market exclusions too.

    Also the browser works well with the full Facebook site so that works around not having the app.

    My Wi-Fi issues were also my router needing a it's working fine.

    My ********** vendor has been responsive so I anticipate they will fix my order.

    Also "Thumbkeyboard" from the market is pretty awesome with this tablet. Totally recommend it.

    I'm starting to like this tablet now as I warm up to it.
  7. rushie

    rushie New Member

    There's a Rom here for either model h or w . Oh can't post links.... Bugger
  8. rushie

    rushie New Member

  9. divadiva

    divadiva New Member

    I love my cube u30gt, had to re-flash (as is normal with most Chinese tablets) and chose
    Cube U30GT_H 900 Supersport 1.0 EXT4_CWM rom no problems.

    The feel of it is good, not too heavy and not too light either, Cube seem to release their own updated roms very quickly compared to many other manufacturers which is a bonus.

    Overall, extremely pleased with the tablet and a good price point.

    PS- Always buy locally or at least from within your own country, many tablet buyers fall foul of high return postage charges when returning tablets abroad should there be a fault with them (as can happen with all makes).
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